How To Get On Search Engine Land’s Daily SearchCap? RT

Do you write about search, SEO, Google, social media, and so on? Do you want to be included in my daily recaps on Search Engine Land’s daily email digest named the SearchCap? If so, please let me know what your blog URL is. There are two ways to notify me. (1) Add a comment on


Do I Lose Business From Blogging?

I am a fairly well connected person – not as well connect as the big names, but for the average person, I am pretty well connected. That comes with pros and cons. I get a lot of prospects interested in talking and eventually some sign up. What I have been noticing more often these days


April Fools – Do Anything Special

Today is April 1st, also known as April Fools Day. Did you do anything special for the day? You know what, go to Search Engine Roundtable and read some of the things we saw. Just go, please click, I beg you, please!!! Last year, on April 1st, I received 7,000 visitors just from Google. I


Israeli Consulate Seized Blogger’s Computers & iPhones

Last night I went to the Israel Consulate in New York City to meet with the planners of the Blogger Delegation to Israel. When I arrived in the building, the guy in the front lobby asked who I am here to see. I said the Israeli Consulate. He then told me, I should talk to


Israel Blogger Delegation: NY Bloggers Named

IsRealli blog wrote about the Blogger Delegation to Israel, so I guess it really is official. We (bloggers) should be arriving this Sunday, to spend a week in Israel, blogging about our experiences. Honestly, I don’t know much about what to expect. I know my flight information and the Tel Aviv hotel we are staying


Twitter Adds Flash Widget

Twitter has added a flash widget. Here is the “full” version. I will try to see if I can customize it and replace what I have on the right hand side…


I’m A YouTube Star Or…

I have been producing video recaps of the search news on a weekly basis for a year now. You can find the feed at this location and subscribe via iTunes or your feed reader or my YouTube Channel. But recently, it seems like I have been getting a lot more than my typical hundred or


I Write Fast: 2,500 Word Manual in ~30 Minutes

Many of you know that I am a very fast story writer. Sometimes too fast where I make mistakes, but often, I do an okay job. At least I think so… In any event, I just wrote a 2,500 word help document for the iPhone Siddur. I wrote the whole document within about 30 minutes.


When Did Blogging Become Respectable?

While I sit here waiting for Verizon to install triple play, I was thinking, when did blogging become respectable? I mean, in the past, maybe when I first started, I was a bit embarrassed to say, I blog. I use to say, I write in a very specific niche, on a specific topic. But now,