Notice: Can’t Respond To Google + Discussions

I am an idiot, I was on a call and skimmed the announcement Google+ is now available with Google Apps. I’ve been using Google + on my Google Apps account but while it was under the pre-migrated version, meaning, it was like a Google Private account, not a fully transitioned Google Apps account. I’ve been


Giving Away Free Google + Invites

I can now give away free Google + invites. If you want them, add a comment below with your email and full name. I also want you to follow me on Twitter @rustybrick and subscribe to the Search Engine Roundtable as a thank you. For more on Google + see here. I have the Google


Goodbye My Facebook Friends: Don’t Take It Personally

I have just defriended most of my friends on Facebook. I was at about 2,000 friends and now I am down to about 750 friends. I tried to use the rule, do I remember meeting you at least once in person, in real life. If so, then I left you as a friend. But if


Now I’ve Got A Facebook Impersonator

So it seems I have yet another impersonator! This time on Facebook! Yea, not the first time, I’ve been impersonated on Twitter also… Anyway, the impersonator is at facebook.com/garis. His name is George Aris and lives in Athens, Greece. He likes the band U2, likes a TV show named “Peep Show” and has 22 friends


Thank A Blogger

Yesterday, I did something I don’t always do. I sent an email to a blogger and writer in the industry, thanking him for all his hard work. I blog a lot on search – a lot. I rarely get emails thanking me. But when I do, it does mean a lot. In the past, people


Google Releases Twitter Follower Finder Tool

This is need, being that I am a heavy Twitter user. Google released a labs product named Follower Finder. What does it do? Google Follow Finder analyzes public social graph information (following and follower lists) on Twitter to find people you might want to follow. We suggest two types of social connections: users with similar


“My Friend” – Should It Be Used So Freely?

There are certain people and cultures that use the word “friend” too loosely, at least – I think they do. People who call or email you and say, “my friend.” Hey – I never met you. There are people I grew up with and people I spend a lot of time that I would not

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Why I Keep Blogging About Search

I have been writing consistently on search, seo, sem, Google, etc for over six years now. It is a long time, but there are others who have been writing about search consistently longer than I have. By consistently, I mean, really never stopping in the six year plus period. All together, I have written over


Chanukah Treats

The Chanukah treats have been somewhat slim this year but yesterday I received two packages. One from Oh! Nuts and the other from a vendor of mine. Here are pictures… Before: Couple minutes after: Nice when people send stuff, especially for what I do at the Search Engine Roundtable. Makes me feel people get something


My Facebook URL Is /barryschwartz

For those that want to friend me on Facebook, so that I can annoy them with updates, you can now reach me at facebook.com/barryschwartz. I don’t use Facebook like a good Facebook citizen, I use it like a spammer. So I warn you. I don’t post useful pictures there. I don’t talk to friends on