Some Holiday Cards from the Search World

Here are some, not all, of the holiday cards I got from various companies in the search space. The cards above come from Ask.com, Google, Yahoo, Indeed, and Debra from Alliance Link. All of them were personally signed except for the Google card. Yahoo’s card is the most interesting, in that you can actually plant


Kind Words from Vanessa Fox

Li Evans has this great series of articles named Women of Internet Marketing at her Search Marketing Gurus site. In her last column, she interviewed Vanessa Fox. Vanessa earned her popularity when she worked at Google to create what is now known as Google Webmaster Central. She was one of the most influential people on


Gary & Lisa Price Come for Weekend (Shabbos)

Every Friday night sundown to Saturday night stars up, is the Jewish Shabbos. Orthodox Jews hold the laws of Shabbos and do not do “work” on Shabbos. It gets a bit complicated, you can read an introduction to the Laws of Shabbos at Aish.com, but in short, for people like Gary and myself, it means


Tamar’s Schwag Bag: SchwagAddict.com

Tamar, besides for loving to blog, also really loves Schwag. She is the girl who runs around the exhibit halls with huge duffles collecting tons of free Schwag. She decided to start a blog presenting all her cool schwag. The blog name is Schwag Addict! Great idea Tamar. It should land you some new neat


Jim Lanzone CEO of Ask: Hanging Loose

Jim Lanzone, the CEO of Ask.com, is a great guy. He is fun, hard working and really smart. We used to be more chatty before he became the CEO, but now he is flying all over the place with his new responsibilities. In any event, it was great to feature a picture of him, hanging


Blog Tag: When I’m NOT doing SEO…

Shimon Sandler tagged me on When I’m NOT doing SEO… Well, if you read my personal blog, I guess you are. You know all about what I do when I am not doing SEO. But for a hobby, I love playing basketball. I play three times a week, when I can. I have been bad


IMNY All Good @ Le Marais Steakhouse

It has been a while since I attended the IM NY events, but last night I was able to make it. It was held at Le Marais Steakhouse in Little Italy. A bunch of SEOs were there, including Tamar, Greg, Frank, Todd, Tedster, Kevin Heisler, Chris and two girls. One girl was, I think, Frank’s


Small World: Eli Feldblum & RankAbove Buy Lunch

Man, such a small world. Years ago, when I first started going to the search conferences, I felt like I was the only orthodox Jew to be found at them. Soon after, my old high school buddy, Eli Feldblum began going to the conferences. I think I first saw him at SES San Jose back


GOOG: Man Was I Wrong About Google’s Stock

Google continues to impress Wall Street, just check out these headlines. Profits over profits over profits, more money they know what to do with. But back when Google opened the ipo bid request form and priced their stock at $85, I thought it was over priced. Now, $560 plus later, I look back and shake


Congrats to Rand (SEOmoz) & Lisa (Bruce Clay)

Wanted to reach out and say a special congrats to two special people and companies in the SEO space. (1) Big congrats for SEOmoz getting $1.25 million richer today. In Rand’s post, Big Changes Afoot at SEOmoz, Rand shared with us that he secured a VC, but a kind VC, for his company. Will it