Finally Got Professional Head Shots

Get them while they are hot. Make them your desktop’s background image. Use them for your website’s favicons! Okay, maybe not. For the seven years I have covered search, I never was able to provide press, media, conferences, and so on – a professional headshot of myself. I often gave them a picture of myself


Replaced My AMEX With Chase Continental Card

A month ago, I applied for the Chase Continental Presidents Plus card. I got the cards this week and already moved all my known spending to this card. I will soon be free of American Express. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind AMEX, they have been good to me. But I am leaving AMEX


Applied For Continental Presidential Plus Credit Card

I travel pretty often. So I was very into having an American Express Platinum card for the travel perks. Especially for the access to the Continental Presidents Club lounges and points to mile transfer. As I told you in the past, I was planning on leaving AMEX for Continental Card because American Express and Continental


EFTPS Spam Getting Ridiculous

EFTPS is the way most businesses and many personal people pay all their federal taxes electronically. As a business owner, I think you have to pay taxes this way, at least for payroll taxes and some other frequent taxes. It also makes my life easier – because in the old days, I had to go


I’ll Likely Leave American Express Due To Continental Changes

On Wednesday, I received an email from Continental Airlines, soon to be United Airlines, that in about a year, the deal they have with American Express will no longer be in effect. They said: Effective Oct. 1, 2011, Continental Airlines will no longer participate in the American Express Membership Rewards and Airport Club Access programs.


Quote Request Rant

Kind of a continuation of my hate of RFPs and paper… Here is my rant for quote requests I get on occasion: – A prospect basically tell me they are in the X industry and I need a web site. – They then politely ask to send them a quote that include all my ideas


The Paper Request For Proposal

Most of your know that I hate RFPs, request for proposals. I consider them the same as feeding (or teasing) hungry dogs with samples of food. I rarely respond to an RFP. What do I hate more than RFPs? RFPs mailed to me via the post office, on physical paper. Last week, I received an


Is It Too Much To Ask You To Be ON TIME!

Many people who know me, know that I am obsessed with time. This means, being on time for calls, never being late for meeting and so on. I think it is due to me being crazed for achieving optimal efficiency, which is often helped through computers and a strict routine. So when I speak with


Dun & Bradstreet Seems Scammy, Here Is Why

Let me start off this rant by saying I am being careful on how I word this post, because Dun & Bradstreet is a very respected company that has been in business since 1841. That being said, I feel as if one of their practices is a downright scam – yes, I said it, a