Home Air Filters Delivered on a Schedule

Ironically, this is not the first time I am blogging about air filters. Before I start, I should disclose that I am a partial owner in the company I am writing about – so yes, it is something that is awesome. 😉 RustyBrick recently launched a site named On Time Air Filters – guess what


Playing With Stock Market

Back when I was younger, about 20 or so, I did some stock trades here and there. Not day trading, but buying a few companies I liked, mostly tech related, and selling them several months later. Then I got really busy and rarely made any stock trades. In the past week or so, I have


Paying a New Tax: Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax

My accountant sends me an envelope that says I need to pay a nice amount to the Commissioner of Finance for the “Metropolitan Commuter Transportation Mobility Tax.” I paid it, but I have no clue what it is about. So of course, I “google” it and find What does that tell me? Not much,


UPS: When Automated Customer Service Fails? Always

I have a UPS account, even though I rarely mail things. Okay, so I might use it once a month and then during the holiday gift season, use it a lot. When I get invoices from UPS, I schedule them to be paid the day before, via my bank’s bill pay system. This works flawlessly


My Israel School (Yeshiva) Closed This Year : Economy

It is customary for Jewish boys and girls in some communities to spend a year learning in Israel prior to attending college or university. I personally had the privilege to experience a year in Israel, as did many of my friends. I recently learned that the place I spent most of that year learning, Ner


When Did We Become So Wealthy?

The big news today is that the market sunk under 7,000. Right now, we are at 6,815 on the DOW and there is no end in sight. It is scary and it is taking a toll on virtually everyone… When I was looking at the chart on Google Finance, I decided to max out that