Verzion Turned Down Apple’s iPhone! Say It Ain’t So!

When I read, USA Today’s Verizon rejected Apple iPhone deal, I was begging the article was not true. I so want the iPhone, but I would not switch to it, unless two conditions be met. (1) It runs on the Verizon Wireless network and (2) It has the high speed broadband network Right now Cingular


Canon Repair & Warranty Works!

When I arrived in Israel for my honeymoon I noticed the LCD screen on the camera was press in, and broken. The camera itself worked, but I couldn’t use any menus or advanced features, nor preview images after they were taken – due to the LCD not functioning anymore. I was about to buy the


Two Great Deals: USB Flash Drive & 2GB SD Card

I often track good deals at and some other merchants, so I figured I share some with you, and at the same time use my aff ID (if that is cool). The first deal is a 1GB USB Flash drive for $0 after rebates and using Google Checkout. and Google Checkout, is the


Using The Google Digital Picture Frame

So like many folks, I was lucky to get the Google Digital Picture Frame. But like many, I also had some technical difficulties. First here is a picture of the frame working…. What I did was write a piece of code using the Flickr API to pull photos I tag with a certain code off


Treo & Blackberry Walking Accidents

One thing about these search conference is that too many people have Treos and Blackberrys. That is a recipe for some walking accidents. Picture this, a hallway of people walking back and forth from session room to session room. They all have Treos and Blackberrys in their hands. All looking attentively at their devices, with


Live Blogging Over Verizon Treo Connection on MacBook Pro

This is the first time I was able to connect via my Treo to my MacBook Pro over the Verizon Wireless network. So the Treo USB Modem Worked. It is a sigh of relief, since I am now delayed 1 hour and 20 minutes due to “Awaiting arrival of crew.” Feels like there hasn’t been


Halo For Flying: First Game In Years

I was reading MacWorld, like I do monthly, and I kept reading about all these cool games that work on a Mac. So, last night I went to the Mall with my wife, and she went into Crate & Barrel and I went into the Apple store. I walked out with Halo and I installed