Treo USB Modem Works Mostly

I still continue to struggle getting my Treo 700p to connect to my MacBook Pro to connect via the EVDO wireless network. Yes, I know, I told you I had Success With Treo 700P & MacBook Broadband Connect but it stopped working, especially when I needed it. I think the issue is the bluetooth connection.


Screen Shot Utility for Treo Palms?

I am looking for a quick and easy to use screenshot utility for my Treo. I quickly tried Snap v0.2.5 and ScreenDumpDA v1.00. Are any of you aware of better applications to take screen captures on your Treo or Palm device?


My Cisco Phone Now Has The Time!

I am a simple guy with simple needs. I restarted my phone today, I do that when someone calls me using Skype. Why? Because Skype’s caller ID is starts with a 0 and it messes thing up on the phone for some types of outgoing calls. Anyway… After I restarted my phone I noticed the


Success With Treo 700P & MacBook Broadband Connect

I had a meeting this afternoon in the city, I am actually still in the city (NYC), and I was able to connect via my Treo to my MacBook over the broadband wireless Verizon network, finally – when I needed to. It is weird, because when I went to LGA last week, I was unable

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Fossil To Sell Caller ID Bluetooth Enabled Watches

Anyone with a wife or a girlfriend goes through this routine… Your wife/girlfriend’s cell phone rings. She rushes to open her bag and sifts through the papers, makeup, note pads, and war chest of items that she never uses to find her phone. She keeps going, confident she will find the phone that is ringing


Back on Verizon Wireless Broadband But Not Without Sacrafice

Last week, for some reason I was unable to connect via the Broadband connect service that worked originally. It was upsetting. So tonight I had some time to call Verizon and Palm. End result, I had to hard reset, and when I tried restoring off my backup, it did not work. But I was able


Virgin Atlantic Bans Dell & Apple Laptops

Flying anywhere soon? If so, make sure your airline doesn’t ban your laptop from use onboard. Wired reports that Virgin Atlantic has banned the use of Dell and Apple laptops in-flight. Why? Because some past Dell laptops became flamethrowers, for real. And Apple recalled a ton of batteries that were likely to over heat or


Got Myself a Headset, VXI TuffSet 10

Something I have been wanting to get for a while, but never got around to doing it was a headset for my Cisco IP phone. The problem with these phones, IP Phones, is that all headsets cost like $150, more than the price of most phones, just seemed like a rip off. Finally, one of