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Handmade Wooden Memory USB Drives

Gabs pointed over to a weird type of memory drive made out of wood. A company in the Netherlands named Oooms, creates, by hand, wooden USB drives. How much are they? 256 MM Drive is 45 EURO, a 512 MB drive is 60 EURO and a 1GB drive is 70 EURO. More pictures and details


Windows Fully Set Up on MacBook Pro

I am happy to say that I have finished setting up my necessary Windows applications on my MacBook Pro. Tuesday I set up Parallels Desktop for Mac, activated my Windows XP Pro license, and let it sit. Today, I configured the settings of the OS how I like it, transferred over the applications I need,


Ran 1st External Backup on MacBook Pro :: Super Duper!

I am proud to say, I am 99.999% done with my migration to the MacBook Pro. The last item, outside of setting up my Windows Apps was to configure a backup utility to run. On my PowerBook G4 I used Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) to backup all my data as a bootable drive on an


Running Windows on MacBook Pro in Parallel

Many of you know I got a new MacBook Pro and I have been giving some updates on migrating over from the PowerBook G4 to the MacBook Pro. One of the big +’s of the MacBook Pro is that it is Intel based, which means you can run virtually any OS on it, including Windows.


Update on MacBook Pro Upgrade :: 95% Done

Just giving you guys, mostly noting for myself, an update on my last Update on MacBook Pro Upgrade from PowerBook G4. – Started working magically, speed tests here. Still need to figure out how to tether the MBP to the Treo 700p, it failed several times last night, Ill keep trying. If it continues to


Tethering Verizon EVDO on Treo to MacBook Pro Works

This morning I decided to try the EVDO connection on my MacBook Pro via the Treo 700p and it worked. No idea why it worked today, and not Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I assume that Verizon just updated my plan to work with the tethering option. It was fast, but let me get you the


Update on MacBook Pro Upgrade from PowerBook G4

As many of you know, I got my MacBook Pro this Friday. Towards the end of the day on Friday, I tried transferring all the data over from the PowerBook G4 (PB) to the MacBook Pro (MBP) using the migration assistant. That failed three times, even after calling Apple Support. So Saturday night, I spent


Got The New Treo 700P!!!

Whoo hooo! I just picked up a new Treo 700P in preparation for the new MacBook Pro I am getting tomorrow. Why did I pick it up before I got the new Mac? Because I wanted to sync up the new Treo on the software that I know works right now. Upgrading, who knows, but


Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard

Sticky, greasy, or grimy fingers messing up your nice new keyboard? Well, this new keyboard may be the answer for you. has the product for sale (yea that is my affiliate link). Basically, this product projects a keyboard on a flat surface, it then detects where your fingers are pressing on that keyboard. This way,


Track Pad on PowerBook G4 Annoying Sometimes

Sometimes, when the track pad is moist from the moisture in the air, the moisture on my fingers or just some heat, the mouse control is unbearable. Just before writing the entry before this one, the whole entry was deleted because of a track pad issue, accidently hitting the refresh button at the top of