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My Quaterly Haircut Before/After Pics #throughglass

Everyone is busy and everyone prioritizes the time they have. For me, I push off getting a haircut for as long as possible, which turns out to be usually once a quarterly. I call it my quarterly haircut. Last one I got was in May and I never make it that short. I posted an

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My 5.9 Seconds On NBC’s Nightly News With Brian Williams

As many of you know, I was hoping to be on NBC Wednesday night at 6:30pm (EST). The show was the Nightly News with Brian Williams. I drove to NBC’s headquarters in NYC and they interviewed me for about 20 minutes on Google. I was actually being interviewed by someone in California, so I had

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Watch Me (Maybe) On NBC Nightly News With Brian Williams Tonight

I wasn’t going to mention this until after it aired, but Danny Sullivan tweeted it to his 70,000+ followers this morning. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams asked me to be interviewed today on the highly anticipated Google search announcement. The announcement is at 9:30 PST (12:30 EST) and my interview should be around 1pm

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I Beat The Google Reader Game

Google Reader lets you look at your reader habits on the Google Reader Trends page. Did you know that recently Google Reader began documenting how many items you read in Google Reader over the course of time you have been using Google Reader? Google said, “we now show you your lifetime read item count. That’s

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Got My Quarterly Hair Cut

This morning I ran to the barber to get my quarterly hair cut. They always say the same thing to me – “it’s been a long time.” Yea, yea – I know – I make them work for the hair cut, but who has time! I sat down, said, as quickly as you can please.

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Need To Drive Out Congestion

When I get a cold, I can be congested for months and I don’t sound good. In fact, a client said I sound like a cartoon – which made me think that I may want to record sound bits for use on this blog. In any event, I don’t want to be congested for 2

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Confession: I Was Rude To The Barber

I hate getting hair cuts, not cause I have a fear of getting stabbed with scissors but because I don’t care much about appearances (better yet, my appearance) and it takes time. When I go to get haircuts, they ask me, “How do you like it?” I typically say, “FAST, please.” Typically, I am in

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I Hate Fluffy Pillows

It all started with Mel Carson tweeting an excellent question: Are 7 pillows really necessary when in a hotel room. I only have 1 at home! Some people like, Lisa Barone, prefer to have many pillows. I personally like to have a flat pillow. In fact, I take one flat pillow, fold it in half

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My New Years Day 2010

Happy New Years everyone! Let me tell you how my New Years Day is/will look like for 2010. 5:30am : Wake Up & do wake up stuff 5:45am : Run through emails, do forum research, check feeds, etc. 6:25am : Morning prayers (at home, don’t know of early place to go on New Years) 6:50am