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Enough With The Press Releases!

Honestly, one of the worst parts of blogging so much is all the press releases I get. I honestly can not stand them. It is unsolicited. Who said I want them? If you are news worthy, trust me, I will find it and blog it. Some are tactful. They ask if they can send me

Daily Grind

New Diet – No Soda On Weekdays

As I said, I recently started on this crazed Super Double Big Gulp addiction. The first step was to acknowledge there was a problem, and I did that. Phew…. Now, I need to do something about it. I am proud to say I am Super Double Big Gulp free since the day I posted that.

Daily Grind

I Am A Horrible Sales Man

I am a horrible sales man. It is true, I stink at sales. And guess what? I am the sole sales person at RustyBrick. It is my job to handles business development which includes branding, publicity and, yes, sales. The other ten or so talented people at RustyBrick are the doers, they are developers, designers

Daily Grind

Super Double Big Gulp Problem

I think I have a problem. I hear the first step of fixing that problem is to admit it to the public. So here it goes… Almost every morning during the week, I stop of at the local 7/11 and I pick up a Big Gulp, not just a big gulp, a super duper big

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Google News RSS Management Poor?

As I said, I live and die by Bloglines and RSS. One of my biggest pet peeves is how Google News RSS is managed. Like I said, if I read something once, I do not wan to see it again. But when it comes to subscribing to a news search at Google News via RSS,

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Bloglines Really Slow Updating Today

The one bad thing about being so dependent on a free service is that you have no one to hang when it is not operating at optimal performance. I was just praising Bloglines – and how it changed my life along with RSS and now I am barely able to breath without it. Bloglines has

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All Day Internal SEO Class Today

I will be giving an internal SEO pow-wow today. Ill be covering all the basics and then some of the futuristic stuff. So if I am not quick to reply to your emails, that is where I am. I start in about 15 minutes, 10am (EST) and won’t stop until I am done. Tons and

Daily Grind

RSS Has Changed My Life

I had on my list of topics to write about, “How RSS ha changed my life.” I was going to hold off on that entry but then York commented about Which Search Blogs Am I Most Likely To Read In More Detail? You see, I have a list of 75 plus blogs I read. York

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Dumb Typo Getting Way Too Much Exposure!

One of the stories I covered today was about how Google may be classified as an investment fund company because they have more than 40% of their assets in investments. While I was covering the story, I was on the phone with someone. We were talking about scheduling something on a Monday. But at the

Daily Grind

Technorati Top 100: SER 28

I hear that if you make the top 100 list at http://www.technorati.com/pop/blogs/ that you would receive a t-shirt or something. I have been in that list for like over 3 months now and I got nothing. Oh well. 🙁 Anyway, yesterday I was at the number twenty-two spot, now I am at the number 28