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Email Throughout the Day – Never Able to Dig Out

Like many of you that read this blog, we all get a ton of email. A ton! We all have several spam filters to help weed out the bad stuff. We all have unsubscribed from newsletters and switched over to RSS subscriptions for those newsletters. We have all set up automatic rules to put messages

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Andy Beal Leaves Fortune Interactive – Getting Dizzy Here

Let’s play the where is Waldo Game… Andy Beal has posted that he is departing Fortune Interactive. Ok some history for you. Andy first founded KeywordRankings, then KeywordRankings was bought by WebSourced, WebSourced changed its name to MarketSmart Interactive. Andy left WebSourced, many bad rumors buzzed through the SEM community. Then Andy started Fortune Interactive.

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Mike Grehan Drops MarketSmart Interactive (AKA WebSourced)

All I can say is thank god. Mike Grehan, someone I have always deeply respected and looked up to, have made a bold move. He has formally resigned from MarketSmart Interactive (AKA WebSourced). Now that I have a place where I can speak frankly, I will – to some extent. I was honestly shocked and

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Search Engine Watch Down in Some Locations?

I was able to post one item this morning at the SEW blog and then bam, it wouldn’t load. None of it would load. Not the blog, not the forums, not the main site, not the admin areas… For me, it is timing out after so-1-0-0.cr1.dca2.us.above.net ( 20.547 ms 34.961 ms 26.304 ms so-6-0-0.cr1.lhr3.uk.above.net (

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Danny Away – The SEW Blog At Play

As many of you know, Danny Sullivan is out this week in California. He is spending some time with the search engines and preparing for the big San Jose SES show. While he is out running from search engine to search engine, I am at the SEW blog trying to cover both my area of

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MarketSmart Interactive Email Spam

I often get emails from spammers (marketers) saying that they can rank my site in the top results (like I want that). I delete them or they get caught by my spam filters. But this is the first email, I remember, getting from MarketSmart Interactive, you know, aka Keywords Ranking, aka WebSourced. Here it is

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Places I Have Been Quoted: Reputation Management

I have been covering the topic of “online reputation management” for a while now, the most recent post I have on it was named Personal Reputation Management: The Reactive Approach. I feel it is important for pretty much everyone to track what people are saying about them. I have been doing this for years with

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Leaning Tower of Snapple

I went to 7-11 this morning to pick up a quick bite. I bought this 32oz Snapple and paid for it. Then I walked out, still very tired, and it slipped out of my hand. I call this Snapple the leaning tower of Snapple. Check out the lean on that Snapple. Compare it with Leaning