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Why I Keep Blogging About Search

I have been writing consistently on search, seo, sem, Google, etc for over six years now. It is a long time, but there are others who have been writing about search consistently longer than I have. By consistently, I mean, really never stopping in the six year plus period. All together, I have written over

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Paper Cut : Recommend Neosporin

Yesterday morning I got a nasty paper cut on my middle left hand finger. I am not exactly sure where it came from, but I am pretty sure it happened between 6:10am and 6:50am. All day yesterday, it was bugging me when I was typing. I complained on Twitter once. I am not the type

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Pretend Sleep Walking To Rest During Bathroom Run

Often when I walk to the bathroom, down the hall from my office, I decide to do so, with my eyes closed. There is something refreshing about walking and having your eyes closed. I am not sure what it is. But when you are exhausted and tired, try it. Of course, I am a bit

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My Favorite Movie Type Got To Be Bloody & Deadly

I rarely watch movies. That includes watching movies at home and especially at the theatre. I assume it will be an even longer time until I see a movie again in a theatre (got a kid now). But I do watch most the movies I end up seeing, on flights to conferences. I often pick

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Bureaucracy Is No Match For My Efficiency

Yesterday, my daughter applied for her first passport at the local passport office. I was a bit nervous going in the middle of the day, between two conference calls, to get her a passport, but I came prepared. I arrived at the passport office, meeting my wife and daughter there. We parked in the spots

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Really Local Doctors

I am not a big fan of going to doctors. I am not a big fan of going anywhere but my office, to be honest. So when I need to go to doctors, I tend to like to go really local. By “really local” I mean, within the same office building as RustyBrick. In fact,

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Getting Sick on Jewish Holidays

Wednesday night is the start of Passover and that means I go offline for four work days, completely offline. It also means that I might get sick. I typically fall ill on Jewish holidays. I am not sure why. But if you count the times I get sick, the majority of them, fall out on

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Do I Have Over Efficiency Syndrome?

I am mad about being efficient. Mad about it. I was telling someone that I am not sure if I can become more efficient then I am now. Honestly, I am sure there are ways I can be more efficient. But I didn’t say that. I gave her an example of how crazy I am

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Liquid Soap With Beads Feels Messy

Some how, a bottle of Shea Butter SoftSoap got into my bathroom, don’t ask me how. So the past few days, I kept washing my hands and then having the urge to wash my hands again. I didn’t pay enough attention to care why. But last night, I looked and noticed there were little beads

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Catch Up Day – Back in New York

Sorry for not posting anything today. I am in catch up mode. I landed last night at about 5pm, got home at about 6pm. Brought our bags upstairs and then went to work until about 7:30pm to do some critical things. Then all day today, was a lot of catching up. You would think, that