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So, How You Doing? Business Still Good?

Small chat these days is basically the following conversation. So, how is everything? Are you doing okay in these economic times? Business good? How you dealing with it? It is like the same convo I have with different people that I haven’t seen in a while. I guess it is like talking about the weather.

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What Did I Do on Christmas?

I am Jewish, I do not celebrate Christmas. However, today, virtually no one in the US is working. So things here, for me, are pretty slow, to say the least. First, Happy Holidays to all my Christian friends! Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday! So what did I do today, so far? Last

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Excused From Jury Duty for ~6 Years – Yipee!

I was dreading having to serve Jury Duty, dreading it. Why? Well, I was actually interested in learning from the experience, but it would have meant me getting to my office at 4am every day, leaving for Jury duty at 8:30am, then coming back to the office at 5pm and staying until 10pm – for

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Misc Update

Figured I do a single blog post to tell you what is on my mind today, maybe I’ll expand them out in the future. For the past few months, since the financial bubble, I have been listening to Bloomberg Radio. Very depressing, to say the least. In any event, first I hear Citigroup is laying

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Avoiding The Avoidable : Jury Duty

I have been trying to avoid the avoidable. I was first served for Jury duty about a year ago, but they had my birth address. So after postponing a few times, I had my mother write back to them that I was no longer at that address. This past week, I received my Jury summons

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Email Issues…

I have been having email issues. I am getting emails fine, but my desktop client, Apple Mail, has somewhat been corrupted. In short, it seems like my IMAP trash can is duplicating my deleted mail over and over again. I typically have about 25,000 deleted emails in a 30-day period stored in my trash can.