Daily Grind

Today I Woke Up 12 Minutes Later

I was strongly considering waking up later. Well, today was the first day of that trial. I woke up about 12 minutes later then I normally do. I did the morning stuff, which now includes squinting a few times and rubbing my eyes. Then checking email, then going through morning feeds and then doing the

Daily Grind

Waking Up Later? Strongly Considering It Now

Since starting at Search Engine Watch taking over for Gary Price to work as the News Editor with Danny Sullivan, I have been waking up pretty early to get all the blogging mostly done before the normal work day. This started about 2.5 years ago, and my typical day started with me getting up at

Daily Grind

Did Optimum Cable Drop GamePlay HD Channel 786?

If I am ever watching TV when my wife isn’t around, which really isn’t all that often, I try to watch the GamePlay HD channel (or Family Guy). GamePlay HD is basically a channel devoted to “gammers,” video games. I enjoy watching it because many of the shows are either taking you through the story

Daily Grind

Boring Weekend, Got a Tie

It has been a long time since I had a boring weekend. In fact, I miss them. Nothing like being able to sit around, watch TV and just relax. So after work on Sunday, I came home, got a quick hair cut and then got a tie. After that, I went home and simply relaxed.

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Great Storage Option: Sterilite 0142 Cabinet

We recently hired three new programmers, once about a month ago and two new coders who are starting in within a week or so. The coder who started has a nice desk already, which he enjoys. The two new guys have place, but we wanted to open things up a bit. In the “client specialists

Daily Grind

Being Quiet

One might think that I may be a loud, outspoken type of personality. You would be wrong. I am extremely quiet, especially in larger groups. Even though I write a ton all over the web, when it comes to talking – I don’t do much of it. Yes, I do speak at conferences and seminars.

Daily Grind

I Got It Easy?

Dare I admit it? In the house chore department, I got it easy. Why admit it now? Well, this weekend, was the last two-days of Passover. We had my in-laws and family over for the full two-days. My wife also invited over my parents, my sister and kids and my brother and kids for a

Daily Grind

Getting There… After Flu Weakness

So I have been sick since Saturday night/Sunday morning. I typically get sick on holidays or weekends, not sure why – but normally when I get really sick, it happens on days I am off anyway. Sometimes, these sicknesses linger into work days – I hate when that happens. Monday, I was off for Passover.