My Mother Passed Away & What I Didn’t Understand

For people who know me, they know I do not express a lot of emotion. When I do, it is often comes out easier when I type it on a blog than speak it. The vast majority of my immediate family (brothers, sister, parents) were in Israel for my Nephews Bar Mitzvah – a nephew


I Had A Baby Girl

A few days ago, I had my second child, a baby girl. The first time I became a dad was approximately 1,060 days ago. Baby and mommy are doing great. I am a bit exhausted. Oh, comments might not work. Something is messed up with this old blog software. Just for my own records, comments


Covered In Baby Throw Up

Saturday night, I found myself covered in baby throw up. Well, not sure if she is still a baby, it has been 458 days (or 15 months). So I had “toddler” throw up on me Saturday night. I was covered. It would have been funny if it happened to someone else, but it happened to


Today I Turned 30 Years Old

Today is my birthday and today I turned 30 years old. Not sure what I can say about that, other than I am 30. I can, if I want, go to Wikipedia and source some interesting tidbits on 30, such as: 30 is the sum of the first four squares, which makes it a square


Baby Proofing

Yesterday, I spent a portion of the day baby proofing my house. Pretty much, all the electrical sockets have a baby proof piece of plastic insert. Many of the kitchen and bathroom floor level cabinets have those baby latches. And some of the drawers have those clamps, as shown in the picture above. I also


Building the Snap Sukkah

As you know, Sukkots is around the corner. I got my Lulav & Esrog and I have built my Sukkah. I bet this is an interesting for non-Jewish people to see Jews practicing (people shaking trees and fruits and living in a temporary house, outside of your real house – real weird, no?). In any


What I Did On My First Father’s Day

Yesterday was my first Father’s Day as a father. I wanted to remember what I did on that day, so I figured I do a blog post that documents it. (1) At 1am, I wrote a Father’s Day post at my search blog. (2) Woke up relatively early for a Sunday. (3) Went to Doctor


Google Sent Us A Baby Gift

In my last Search in Pictures column, I showed off a Google Baby Hat, and then tweeted that I would love one of those for my baby. Well, Adam Lasnik of Google, sent over a Google onesie and baby blanket. I assume it is from the Google search quality and webmaster central team – so