Back to Basketball After 4 Weeks

Last night was the first time I played basketball in about four weeks. When I became a dad, about four weeks ago, I really didn’t realize how tiring it would be. Don’t get me wrong, my kid is great. She doesn’t complain a ton, only when she wants something. But new babies are a handful.


Changed My First Diaper

I have been tactfully avoiding the diaper change for about ten-days now. But this morning that all changed when my wife seemed dead tired and begged me to change the baby’s diaper. I felt bad and guilty, so I did it, I changed the kid’s diaper. I was hoping to be one of those dads


Geek Dad Advice From 5 Day Old Father

Since I am already a dad for over 5 days now, I feel like I have the experience and wisdom to now give new dads advice. Since I would classify myself as a geek, cause I earn geek points with the wife, I geek travel, I got geek pants, I have an LED license plate,


My Wife Married A Blogger

Last night I was thinking about my life and how I blog a lot (yea, very deep stuff) and it occurred to me that my wife married a blogger. I was blogging well before we got married. Not many bloggers I work with can say that. My blogging obsession (including my work obsession), was something


How Geeks Earn Points With Their Spouses

I wouldn’t call myself an uber-geek, but I definitely strive towards that label. That being said, my wife was in my office one day and I had to earn some “husband points.” I forget why I needed points, but all married men always need to tally up the “points” whenever they can. So in my


Mazol Tov To Sister-in-Law & New Brother-in-Law

Remember when I wrote, It’s Official: I’m The Short Stumpy One? Yea, the story about my wife’s sister getting engaged? Well, last night they got married. The wedding was extremely nice. Awesome food, awesome ambiance, awesome music, awesome everything. Mazol Tov to my sister-in-law and officially new brother-in-law (excluding all names here)! Here is a


I’m Pregnant With My First Child: Well, My Wife Is

I have pretty big news that I am finally able to share with you all. I am pregnant. Well, I’m technically not pregnant, but my wife is, so we are pregnant. This would be my first child and I am incredibly excited. Not sure if you Twitter followers remember, but back on September 4th I


My Chanukah Gifts: iHome & NY Jets Slippers

Last night we had our annual family Chanukah get together. This year it was at my brother’s house, around the corner from me. We first light the menorah, I used my iPhone Menorah (which is not legit, I lit again when I got home). We then ate dinner which consisted of pizza, lasagna, tuna casserole,


Nephew Beats Me At My Own Game : Monopoly Rematch

Over a year ago, I blogged about beating my nephews at Monopoly. Well, over this past holiday, they wanted a rematch – so I gave it to them and I lost. My oldest nephew used my strategy against me. He bought up a lot of the properties before I even had a chance to purchase