Saying Goodbye to My Original IPhone

Today is the day that I say goodbye to my original iPhone. I am shipping it out to my brother, who lives in Israel. I had my original iPhone 376 days. I had my new iPhone for only 10 days. In fact, I got my old iPhone on July 11th and my new one on


My Brother-in-Law Does Virtual & Get’s Written Up in CIO

See that guy on the right of these letters? That is my brother-in-law, my wife’s sister’s husband – AJ Schreiber. He is the CEO of a company named Chorus, they provide clinical, practice management and financial software for health care providers. His company was written up in CIO magazine yesterday. The article is named, Everyone


It’s Official: I’m The Short Stumpy One

Last night, my wife’s sister got engaged to a wonderful guy she has been going out with for almost two years (I think that it’s been almost two years). So last night, we had a small party for the family, to celebrate. I won’t get into the details of the party or stuff like that


My Second Wedding Anniversary is Today

Today is my second wedding anniversary. It feels a lot longer then just two years. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. Kind of like I feel I have known my wife for my whole life but it has really been less then four years (two years married and the rest dating).


Male Reaction To The “Snip Snip” Of The Brit Milah

Today was the day that my new nephew had his brit milah, or circumcision. I did my best in taking a picture of the male reaction at the actual second you hear the baby cry from the snip snip of the procedure. The problem was, the baby was crying a bit before hand, so I


My New Nephew

Almost a week ago, I received a new nephew. This picture shows the baby at about 8 hours old. This is actually my first nephew on my wife’s side. That side has been relatively consistent with having girls for the past couple generations until now. That is, until now. Congrats for breaking that ‘stigma’. 😉

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Victory For All Man Kind

Last night, I conned my wife into coming with me to one of my favorite restaurants, because we were only 5 minutes away, and I was starving. When we got there, we reviewed our choices and the waiter came by. I had my wife order first, because all polite men do that. 😉 Then I

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Breaking News: Two Year Old Falls Asleep In My Office

My brother‘s kid had to come to the office today for an hour or so. During that time, she ended up playing with something in my office. She then got up, walked into the corner of the room and laid down. Seconds later, she was out cold. Sleeping away. So my brother first tried offering