What Do You Get For Someone Who Has Everything?

A name plate. My birthday was recently and my wife and my brother’s wife (remember, I am a twin) had to think of something to get us. I pretty much have everything I would want, I am a lucky guy and blessed. So what did they get us? Name plates: First thought was… “Cool, I


I Have a Twin Brother – Ronnie

I have written about him time and time again in the family and RustyBrick categories, most recently the post named My Brother & Sister-in-Law Had a Baby Girl Last Night. In any event, Taylor Pratt wrote about The Secret to Becoming an SEO Celebrity and mentioned something about me possibly having “an identical twin” or


Shabbos Two: Avi’s Bar Mitzvah at OU Center – Israel Trip 2008

I skipped Friday from Thursday, because nothing really significant happened Friday day. Now, although Avi was officially Bar Mitzvah’ed on Thursday, Shabbos (Friday night and Saturday) was a continuation of that celebration. The plan was for many of us to meet at the kotel and pray Shabbos night services there. Many of us took taxi’s


My Brother & Sister-in-Law Had a Baby Girl Last Night

Last night was an exciting night for me and my family. My twin-brother, who is the co-owner and founder of RustyBrick (which some of you may or may not know, he is the behind the scenes guy) and his wife had a little baby girl last night. My brother left work a bit early in


Avi’s Bar Mitzvah – Israel Trip 2008

Thursday was Avi, my oldest nephew, Bar Mitzvah – the day he became of age to be counted as a man in the Jewish world. We all met at the Kotel, Western Wall, in the morning. I had to hunt down a representative that would secure a table for us to use during morning services.


Shabbos One In Beitar Illit at Brother & Sister-In-Law

So after my my flight to Israel, my brother picked us up in a van and drove us back to his home in Beitar Illit. Beitar Illit is an Israeli settlement in the West Bank, just outside of Jerusalem. It is also known as one of the most Jewish orthodox communities in the world. As


Avi, My Nephew’s First Hockey Goal in a Game

Last night was a historic night for my oldest nephew, Avi. As reported on the ASHAR Hockey site, my nephew scored his first goal ever, in an official elementary school game. And I quote: The big goal of the night came late in the game from defenseman Avi Borgen who took a pass back at


Oldest Nephew Put On Tefillin תפילין

This morning, my oldest nephew put on Tefillin (תפילין) for the first time. It took place at his elementary day school, the same place I put on Tefillin for the first time. But yes, times have changed a bit since then at that school. What is Tefillin? The picture above shows what they look like.