My Condo For Sale in Monsey – Home For Sale

Who knew that when I bought my condo in Monsey that I would be looking to sell a year and a half later? Well I am potentially looking to sell my condo now. It was a scary decision but I think the right one. Why is it scary? Well, I simply bought at the peak,


Why Do They Call It Bear Mountain?

Yesterday, we had exactly and hour to spare, so my wife and I decided to drive to Bear Mountain, up by the west bank of the Hudson River. It is about 20 minutes away from us, so we drove up, and took Perkins Memorial Drive to the top. We parked, got out, my wife took


The Electric Drum Set at RustyBrick

My brother and partner at RustyBrick, Ronnie, purchased an electric drum set a while back. He bought it because the neighbors did not like the noise from his real drum set. Well, eventually, he had to move it to RustyBrick, because his kid was kinda getting to it and breaking it. He actually hooked it


To St. Louis & Back in 12 Hours

Yesterday, I had to unfortunately fly to St. Louis last minute. Late Friday afternoon, I got word from my wife that her grandfather passed away. Although the passing was expected, one is truly never fully ready for such an event. I won’t talk more about the funeral, because some things are best kept private in


My Sweet Tie Rack: Anniversary Present

As you now know, today is my first wedding anniversary. I will be leaving work shortly to spend the rest of the day with the wife. I wanted to share with you what she got me for an anniversary present. Well, she asked me what I wanted, and I said, a tie rack. I always


Our First Anniversary is Today: A Look Back at the Year

A little over a week ago, I posted that it was my Hebrew Anniversary: 1st of Sivan (סִיוָן). Well, today, it is my English anniversary. A year ago today (it was a Sunday), my wife and I got married in St. Louis, MO. A lot of the history of how I


Today is My Hebrew Anniversary: 1st of Sivan (סִיוָן)

Today is the first Hebrew anniversary for my wife and I. The Hebrew day is the 1st of Sivan (סִיוָן), also known as Rosh Chodesh (1st of the month) Sivan. We got married a year ago today, which was May 28th (a week and two days) from now in the English Calendar. More about our


At Parents For Last Days of Passover

Monday and Tuesday, my wife and I will be at my parents for the last days of Passover. For you SEO people, I will be off the blog until Wednesday. The other authors will be writing, plus we will have live SES NYC coverage Tuesday. I will be joining the rest of you at SES


Destroyed Nephews at Monopoly

My sister, brother-in-law and their four boys are at my parents this week for Passover. I was there this Friday night through Saturday night. So I played Monopoly with my two oldest nephews. I think they are 12 and 9. I totally destroyed them. I bought several properties. Then I made an offer to my