Why Does An Airport Run Feel Like You Are Driving In Circles?

Last night I had to do an airport run. My brother, sister-in-law and two nieces were flying in from Israel (via Air France). I volunteered to pick them up. The problem is, the Air France web site doesn’t update their flight status page too often. So when I got there, I was not sure if


Why I Like Thursday Nights

I kind of turned it into the night I take my wife out for dinner. Past few weeks, I convinced my wife to go out for dinner on Thursday night. She accepted most of the times. And now, my wife emailed me from work, asking “are we going out to eat on a date?” I


Going On Honeymoon

My wife are now married around 7 months and we are going to be going on our honeymoon. I will be away for about ten days. I posted a programming note with Search Engine Roundtable coverage schedule for the next ten days or so. I actually hope to post stories and pictures here during the


Welcome Nephews To My Blog

I hear that my nephews, sister’s four boys, have discovered this blog. So I wanted to say hi to Avi, Jeremy, Zachary and Aaron. Avi is the oldest, in about a year, he will celebrate his Bar Mitzvah. Jeremy is second line line, when he was born, I was stuck watching Avi. I decided to


Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday. I am a huge turkey fan and that is what this day is about for me. Turkey! Football is a plus, but the Jets rarely play on Thanksgiving… Gary Price sent me a link to the US Census Facts For Features: Thanksgiving Day – Nov. 23, 2006. Here are


St. Louis Most Dangerous City In The U.S.

Bloomberg reports that St. Louis, the birth city of my wife and the home of my in-laws, is the most dangerous city in the United States of America. The Missouri city topped a list of 371 metropolitan areas in an assessment of 2005 FBI statistics for murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary and motor vehicle


An Anniversary Ring I Would Wear

I am not a huge fan of wearing accessories, i.e. rings, watches, hair styles, designer cloths, sweat bands, etc. But one accessory I would wear is this high tech Anniversary Ring. Judah at Diamond Vues reports via Gizmodo that this ring heats up to 120 degrees fahrenheit for “10 seconds, every hour, on the hour,


Sukkot Coming – סוכות – Blogging Friday Light

Like with ראש השנה I will be traveling to the in-laws for the Sukkot (סוכות) holiday that begins Friday night. Blogging will be light this Friday and also I won’t be able to blog Monday AM until after about 11AM (EST). I will try to schedule posts to go live tomorrow AM, like I did