Rosh Hashanah Coming – Google ראש השנה Logo

Rosh Hashanah (ראש השנה), the Jewish New Year, is this Friday night. My wife an I are flying to St. Louis tomorrow morning, to spend the weekend with her family. Blogging will be light this Friday and also I won’t be able to blog Monday AM until after about 11AM (EST). In any event… Google


I Cut My Hair – I Did!

After over three months of not getting a hair cut, I finally got one. Why didn’t I get one earlier? Well, I never have the patience to sit in a chair and get a hair cut. Normally I have someone who bugs me to get a haircut. But my wife didn’t mind the longer hair.


Wife is in Chicago for Weekend

This morning I drove my wife to Newark Airport, she is flying to Chicago for the weekend. One of her good friends is getting married and she is going to be a bridesmaid. The wedding is this Sunday afternoon, but there is this little weekend the bride and bridesmaids are having before the wedding. So


Feedback From My Wife On This Blog

It is the slow season for my wife at her work, I think it runs for about two or three weeks in the summer time. So she has been checking out this blog over the past few days. She complained to me twice already that I do not update it enough with personal stuff that


Flickr Founder Says Sharing Private Photos to Get Easier

The other day I complained that Flickr is Just Too Hard to Sign Up With. Well, since then, Tim Mayer of Yahoo! pointed the co-founder of Flickr, Stewart Butterfield towards this entry. Stewart commented stating that they are aware of the issues and will be working on an “email a friend” feature to make it


Personal Status Update

My wife and I made it to St. Louis. We have a funeral to attend tomorrow afternoon. It is a sad day but thank god all immediate family members are doing well. We appreciate all the emails and such left for us. We are really OK and thanks again for the support. We don’t get


Flickr is Just Too Hard to Sign Up With

I never used to take pictures, really never. But after getting married, things change – oh yea, you think you won’t change but some things do. My brother and sister-in-law got me a Canon camera, small, quick, and has some cool features. So now I take a lot more pictures. Deal is, family and friends