I Made a Challah

I made what? It is called Challah (see Wikipedia). Basically, it is bread that is braided and eaten by Jews on the Sabbath and holidays. Here is a picture of it: Okay, fine – I didn’t make it. My wife made it and I came down stairs to see her status with the Challah and


Eating Chocolate Grasshoppers

Clearly, I was not the only one to receive these chocolate grass hoppers from today. I was not able to eat them, because grasshoppers are not kosher, but the RustyBrickers wanted to try them out. Here is a video of them chowing down on the grasshoppers: Here are pictures of the grasshopper with the


Noah’s Ark Ginormous Burger Champion Finally Crowned

About a month ago, I called Noah’s Ark Ginormous Burger Challenge, a Scam because my brother in law ate the Ginormous burger a year or so ago and never received his crown. Well, that all changes! Yesterday, my brother-in-law informed me he received his package from Noah’s Ark. It came with: (1) A letter from


Kosher Places to Eat in Boston

So now that you know what activities we did in Boston, I wanted to share the places we ate. Boston was selected as the destination not only cause it is a fun place and it is not too far, but also because they have kosher places to eat. The majority of kosher places in Boston


Noah’s Ark Ginormous Burger Challenge, a Scam?

Last night, I went back to one of my most favorite places to eat, Noah’s Ark – with the family and a close friend. My brother-in-law was there and he was a bit peeved that he did not get what he won from Noah’s Ark. Several months ago, he told me he ate what is


Quick Dinner: How To Go Out To Eat Quickly

Last night, I went out to eat at a normal sit down restaurant in NYC. From the time that I sat down, to the time my food was off my plate, was probably less than five minutes. How did I manage to go out for dinner, order, have them prepare the food, serve us the

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Great Storage Option: Sterilite 0142 Cabinet

We recently hired three new programmers, once about a month ago and two new coders who are starting in within a week or so. The coder who started has a nice desk already, which he enjoys. The two new guys have place, but we wanted to open things up a bit. In the “client specialists

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Victory For All Man Kind

Last night, I conned my wife into coming with me to one of my favorite restaurants, because we were only 5 minutes away, and I was starving. When we got there, we reviewed our choices and the waiter came by. I had my wife order first, because all polite men do that. 😉 Then I