The Broken Pizza Store

On the way back from the bank, I stopped off at the Pizza store to buy lunch. I go to this pizza store very frequently, like several times a day – okay, maybe not several times a day, but a lot… Today, the store, was simply broken. Here is the run down of how it


Paper or Tin Foil in Convection Microwave Oven?

Yesterday afternoon, I ran into a problem. I was hungry when I got back from work, my wife was out and I wanted to eat something. I opened the fridge and found a box of pizza bagels, yum yum. So I took it out and I wanted to heat it up using our Convection Microwave


Abigails Meals Offered to Kosher SMX Attendees

What an awesome surprise. Typically, the kosher food at these conferences are non-existant. But not at today’s SMX conference. Today, they provided lunch meals from Abigails. The assortment included chicken salad, pastrami, smoked turkey and maybe some other options. Abigails is a nice New York kosher restaurant, so I suspect those meals were not cheap.


Eat One Meal Per Day?

I had an employee, for about three weeks, that only ate one meal per day. He came to work, drank only water and left without eating a bite of food. He said that is what he did his whole life. Yes, he was skinny. Very skinny. But he only had a dinner and that was


Disgruntled Dunkin Donuts Customer Mad About Kosher

The other day, I went to the new Kosher Dunkin Donuts by my office. This woman comes in and orders a muffin. She then immediately asks for a manager. The person behind the counter got nervous. He asked, “was there something I did?” She said no, not you. The manager comes out and she explains


A Programmers Fridge: Things That Grow in our Fridge

There is a serious issue when you have an office filled with programmers and not any sales people. What is the issue? The office fridge. No one cares if the fridge starts smelling bad. You let it go and go until the fridge is so full that you are forced to clean it out. That


I Love BBQs

Yesterday, my inlaws flew in from STL and are staying by my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s home in NJ. So we drove there to celebrate July 4th. My brother-in-law cooked up tons of meat on his BBQ. There must have been five full chickens, two dozen hamburgers, six or more steaks, and these huge hot dogs.