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Mission Accomplished: Kind Of

Remember, this Friday I posted My Condo For Sale in Monsey – Home For Sale? There I said, I was hoping to achieve top rankings in Google for terms like [condo for sale in monsey], [monsey condo], [apartment for sale in monsey], [monsey home for sale] and so on. Well, I checked Saturday night, and


My Condo For Sale in Monsey – Home For Sale

Who knew that when I bought my condo in Monsey that I would be looking to sell a year and a half later? Well I am potentially looking to sell my condo now. It was a scary decision but I think the right one. Why is it scary? Well, I simply bought at the peak,


My VIP Cleaners: Cleaners & Your Door Step

One thing I do a lot of, is picking up or dropping off the cleaners. I don’t do it every week, my wife also does it, so whoever puts it off long enough for it to bother them, will likely do it. My brother-in-law (he is the one who posts negative comments on the blog


My Birthday Dinner – Matzoh Ball Soup, Chicken & Chocolate Cake

Yesterday was my birthday (thanks for all the comments, emails, IMs, etc.) and as I told you, I planned on going out with my wife for dinner. We went 30 minutes away to Noahs Ark, one of my favorite simple restaurants. For starters, I ordered a matzoh ball soup, that came with noodles… Good stuff.


Missed Tuesday Basketball Three Weeks in a Row!

I don’t think I have ever missed Tuesday basketball three times in a row. At most, maybe two weeks, but not even when I went on my honeymoon. The first two weeks, I ended up stuck with work until well after 10pm each day. But last night I missed for two reasons. (1) My wife


Missed Monday’s 24

I wanted to DVR 24, but I messed up. I knew 24 was airing on Sunday for two hours. I thought the Monday showing would be a repeat of Sunday’s show. So I did not DVR it. Anyone know how I can see it? 🙂 Oh, and Prison Break starts their new season Monday. Monday’s


DVRing Shows Airing in Two Plus Weeks

I want to DVR 24 Sunday the 14th and Monday the 22nd. The DVR I have from CableVision allows me to record shows that I like, but you cannot do that, unless the show is currently on the channel guide. A show that has not aired yet, won’t be on the channel guide. So you


Got DVR Finally: Will The Wife Adopt It?

Until last night, I did not have a DVR, yea, I know, sounds crazy. But true. I watch TV Monday nights and Sunday nights, and it didn’t bother me to not have a DVR. But when I missed the season finale of Prison Break while at SES Chicago, I was upset. Then my wife and