Philips 7FF1AW Digital Photo Frame :: Cool Wedding Gift

It has been almost 4 months since my wedding and we are still getting wedding gifts, pretty cool. Side note; we just got in our Thank You cards and have begun writing thank you notes to all of you who have sent us gifts, they should be out within the next few weeks… The latest


Niko Rebate Very Scammy

When I got married, I bought a new flat screen LCD high-definition TV. I searched months prior for the best deal; price and quality. I decided to buy the a no name brand, but got some excellent reviews, from Niko. The TV is excellent, it is my first LCD and my only complaint is the

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Do You Wash Your Hands? Singing Soap Dispenser

WebMD has an article says 2 Out of 3 Americans Don’t Wash Hands. Wow! Shocking! A thousand Americans participated, evenly split between men and women. All were at least 18 years old. Here are the percentages who admitted they might not wash their hands properly in these situations: – After sneezing or coughing: 37% –


My Car & Big Boxes : Not a Good Match

My wife found these tables she wanted at Bombay, so I was like, let’s just order them online and have them shipped. At the time it was about $50 less, and then we forgot about them. When we remembered, and checked the price listed on the Bombay site, it just felt wrong ordering them for


And We Are Done, Well Almost

After a long five hours of digging we have finally put most of everything away. This is what remains. – Items to return placed in wife’s car for whenever….hopefully I won’t have to go to the store – Items in a bedroom waiting to be put in closet – Boxes by door, ready to be


Digging Out of Homes: Never Ending?

The constant digging out of stuff you accumulate is never fun. Yea, I told you about how I love to return stuff, but yea, we still have a room filled with boxes of stuff we either need to return or put away. It has been a slow process. Last night, we moved the final items