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Danny Sullivan Wife Dings Him On Daggle

DIY Day by Danny at his personal blog (like that Danny), explains how he spent a large portion of his day doing odd jobs around the house. It included; hanging a mirror, hanging other things up, setting up Christmas lights, and other small jobs. Danny explains he rather pay someone to do this all for

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Cartoon Barry Is Hot!

I was checking some of the old web stats and noticed a number of referrals from hotornotdesigns.com/hot yesterday. I saw we were ranked number seven in the “hottest designs.” Credit definitely goes to the designer here and to DaveN (for the cartoon barry). So for now, I am hot…. hehe. 🙂

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One Must See LoneyGirl15 Video

A friend sent me this video of the famous LoneyGirl15 that you must listen to. She says something that makes you go – WOW! I was absolutely stunned by it. You got to listen… The video is at http://youtube.com/watch?v=6cy8P1roPnQ. Yea, I know her story was in the NY Times and all but still, this is

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Kid Points BB Gun At Undercover Police

The AP reports that a teenager in Cedar Rapids, Iowa tried to scare a random driver with his BB gun. He pointed the gun at an unmarked cop car, the policemen got out and pointed back with their real .40-caliber Glock handguns. Wow! He said he was trying to scare people for the Halloween spirit.

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Using Walmart As Your Personal Gym

Shmuly, a guy I met at a local lunch place one Friday, has posted this funny video of him using the gym equipment at a local Walmart to get his daily workout. Check it out his blog here. He writes some very interesting stuff. He starts off by stretching, then lifting some weights, then the

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Yahoo! Treated Us So Well – Thank You

So you all know I went to Yahoo! Monday and Tuesday. Heck, they gave me all this great Yahoo! shwag but it is important for me to tell you how wonderful they treated us. Let me break it down for you… Pre-Trip: – Ask if I am interested in going and what dates work best