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Ask.com Schwag & Gear

Just got a wonderful gift from my friends at Ask.com, I believe Gary Price is to thank for this, so thank you Gary… I got this wonderful Ask.com Water Bottle… Which came in this neat Ask.com Tote Bag… In the tote bag was an Ask.com T-Shirt and Ask.com Hat, which I am sporting here… And

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Practice Parking Your Car Online

Learning to drive? Parallel parking is a hard thing to do, for new drivers. But parallel parking with a dog in the way is even more challenging. There is this online flash game that will help you Park Perfectly. There are only four or so stages. (1) Park your car in a spot, front forward

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Microsoft Voice Recognition Live Demo Failure

I am all about bringing to light some of Microsoft’s misfortune, heck why not? Below is a video of Microsoft demonstrating their voice recognition software, and it totally not working. Microsoft blamed “ambient noises” for the problem, but did you hear anything prior to the test failing? More here. Too funny.

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Do You Wash Your Hands? Singing Soap Dispenser

WebMD has an article says 2 Out of 3 Americans Don’t Wash Hands. Wow! Shocking! A thousand Americans participated, evenly split between men and women. All were at least 18 years old. Here are the percentages who admitted they might not wash their hands properly in these situations: – After sneezing or coughing: 37% –

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Live Radio Commercials Can Be Funny

Advertisers often pay more to have a radio personality read a scripted advertisement live on the radio, then to play a pre-recorded commercial. This morning I was listening to Q 104.3 on the radio on the way to work and heard live scripted commercial for Purina dog food. He was reading off the script and

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Dumb Typo Getting Way Too Much Exposure!

One of the stories I covered today was about how Google may be classified as an investment fund company because they have more than 40% of their assets in investments. While I was covering the story, I was on the phone with someone. We were talking about scheduling something on a Monday. But at the

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DaveN Tries To Cause a 5 Car Accident

Buddy DaveN has posted a video of (I think) one of his employees running around a traffic circle naked. Now that can cause a huge accident. Im surprised no one got hurt. Or… Upset I shared this with you? Also, what is it with Brits finding naked men running naked in the public so funny?

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I Made It Into Men of SEO: Finally The Goatee Comes Through

I finally made it into one of the blog entries of the new Men of SEO blog. It is a blog by an SEO chicklet, who talks about “the men of seo.” Here latest post is about Bearded Babes, and she has a roundup of those with goatees. In the group are Martinibuster, Stuntdubl, Matt

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The Blogger Bag?

I subscribe to a ton of blogs, as you can see by a select few listed on my link farm. One such blog is the Yahoo! Shopping Blog where they post interesting products listed at Yahoo! Shopping every now and then. The latest entry they posted about is a computer bag made specifically for a