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The Car Hoarder

This morning, on the way to work, the car in front of me stood out. It was an old car, but what was inside was what caught my eye. The rear window was completely covered by junk. Bags, shirts, just tons of stuff. Like the guy lived out of his car or something. As some

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I’m A Chris Farley Fan

Don’t know if I ever told my blog readers this, but I am a Chris Farley fan. Something about funny fat people that I like. Spotted this image via Google Images via exaggerart.com to share:

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Woot: Got $100+ Worth of Woot Stuff for $8

On July 12th, I ordered basic Woot Off Lights from Woot because I was bored. I ordered them for $8, including shipping. Today, my shipment arrived and the box was pretty big. I opened it up and found over a $100 worth of stuff. That includes a $99 USB turntable, some toy cars, a shopping

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Apple Shipment Humor

I am a funny guy, really funny – incredibly funny. I do a lot of Apple jokes around the office, like every day, several times a day. Let me share the latest one with you. My IM conversation with iMatt: Barry: oh, if u have tracking # for bumpers, can i have it? i have

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My Second Woot BOC & Third Coming Soon

Yesterday, Alex and I received our packages from Woot and performed one of the few dual Woot BOC unboxings ever. Yes, we both were lucky enough to have successfully purchased the Woot BOC on the same happy hour event. I was even luckier to have successfully purchased my 3rd BOC the week after, making me

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Goateeless Barry

We uncovered some old pictures of RustyBrick in 2002 and one of them had a blurry picture of me, back without a goatee. The picture is blurry but boy have I gained weight both in terms of facial hair and other areas: Also check out that CTR monitor, wow! Big change from my 3 monitor

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My First B.O.C. From Woot

Woot is the one deal a day web site, but sometimes they do “woot offs” that sell out items throughout a single day. I was lucky enough to purchase what is known as the B.O.C., also known as the Woot Bag of Crap. They sell out in seconds and I beat out Alex, who is

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RB Coder Initiation

Jimmy posted the details of how the other RB team members initiate new members into the team – somewhat of a hazing. Here is a video of the latest initiation. But make sure to read the full story at the RB Blog named Coder Hazing: Anthony Gets Punk’d…