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Red Bull Drops Off Mounds Of Red Bull in Red Bull Car

Remember I told you that we finished building our wall of Red Bull? Guess what! Two Red Bull girls stopped by in a Red Bull car to give us free Red Bull! I kid you not! Here are pictures to prove it… Red Bull Car: Delivering Red Bull: Awesome Red Bull girls with Jimmy: Our

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RustyBrick, The “Cool Company” in the Building

Last night, I was with a group of people, 10+, who work in the building. Either they work for other companies in the building or they own the company. In any event, one guy said – I wish I could just hang out with you (RustyBrick) for a day. He added something like, “you guys

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Kickin Butt At Search Spam Card Game

Last night, I finally played the game known as werewolves or in our industry, the Search Spam Card Game. The fun part is that, I am a card so I was hoping to secure my own card. It was the first time I played the game, so I decided to play two rounds. The first

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Political Email Forwards on the Rise

I cannot stand receiving email forwards, you know, those joke emails that people send to each other. Chain emails with jokes or things you must do for good luck. I can’t stand them! In fact, I am the type of guy that has the nerve to email anyone back who sends it to me with

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The Red Bull Wall of Cans

Here at RustyBrick, we can’t have enough fun in the day. The latest example is our coders love of Red Bull (not Kosher). When they are done with a can, they rip off the tab at the top and then place it on the window. This is about a month-plus of drinking red bull, between