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Got My McCippah – John McCain Kippah

I don’t get into politics, so I am not going there. Shmuly Tennenhaus’s Vanity Kippah, and also a buddy I correspond with regularly, sent me a McCippah. Here is a picture of me wearing it: Will I wear it around? I doubt it, maybe over Succots. 😉 (extremely inside joke)

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Really Huge CITGO Sign

While driving in Boston this week, I noticed a huge CTIGO gas station sign. Why am I telling you about this sign? (1) It is really really really big. (2) It may be bigger than the Amoco sign that I saw in St. Louis a couple years back. So when I spotted it, I made

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Close It Quick: Stocks Bleeding Red

So, I got this office neighbor who is very computer illiterate. That translates into me and others in my office providing technical support on how to open a web browser and so on. In any event, he was having problems opening his stock ticker system. So I came in and double clicked on the application

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SEO Presidente

Chris Hooley ran this hysterical SEO voting poll and has now posted the results. I am glad to say, I won the “SEO Most Likely to Become President.” LOL Check out all the results, this is seriously funny, if your in the SEO industry. As for me, I came in second place for “SEO Most