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Funny Customer Service at Verizon Wireless Store

Last night, I spent about two hours in the Verizon Wireless store. My wife’s phone couldn’t keep a charge, so we brought it in. In order to get support in the store, you need to sign in at a kiosk. So we sign in and notice our name is number nine on the tech support

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Victory For All Man Kind

Last night, I conned my wife into coming with me to one of my favorite restaurants, because we were only 5 minutes away, and I was starving. When we got there, we reviewed our choices and the waiter came by. I had my wife order first, because all polite men do that. 😉 Then I

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Schwartz Hand & Feet Cream

I was thinking about coming out with Barry Schwartz branded products. You know, like the George Foreman grill…. So I got this prototype in the mail, Schwartz Hand & Feet Cream! What do you think? Nah, I am just kidding. I got this via email from someone who will remain anonymous. This is stuff they

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RustyBrick Is Not a Bricklayer Company

I get these calls once in a while…This time is went like this… Caller: Hi, may I speak with your safety inspector or head of safety. Me: We don’t have a safety inspector. Caller: Don’t you lay bricks? Aren’t you a bricklayer company? Me: We sit behind computers all day. Caller: Oh, I am sorry.

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When a Morbid Joke Goes Bad

Not going to mention who this text exchange is with, cause it is not important. I know this person wouldn’t mind me mentioning it, but since I didn’t clear it 100% with the individual, I won’t say who it is… In any event, don’t you hate when a morbid joke goes bad? In this case,

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Breaking News: Two Year Old Falls Asleep In My Office

My brother‘s kid had to come to the office today for an hour or so. During that time, she ended up playing with something in my office. She then got up, walked into the corner of the room and laid down. Seconds later, she was out cold. Sleeping away. So my brother first tried offering

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Charlie Rose Opts To Save His MacBook Air Over His Face

Charlie Rose Face Plants To Save His MacBook Air from TechCrunch reports that PBS’s Charlie Rose is such an Apple fan that he decided to save his new Apple MacBook Air over saving his face. Reportedly, Rose tripped over a pot hole and on the way down he made a choice. Protect his MacBook Air

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Lisa Barone Disses Ask.com’s Laptop Bag

Lisa Barone is making a huge statement at SES by placing a black ribbon over the Ask.com logo on her Ask.com bag. My question is why isn’t she using an RB bag? In any event, I think Lisa may start a trend with that black ribbon!

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For Hard Core Apple Fans : iWipe

Now that more and more people are buying Macs, there are more and more hard core Apple fans. Now, if you are extremely hard core, you might create an iWipe out of an old Mac. Give an old Mac new life by turning it into an iWipe from Shawn Morton demonstrates how you can build