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The Solution to an Annoying Airline Passenger

My brother-in-law sent this to me and I know it might help those who are frequent travelers. If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you follow these instructions: Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case. Remove your laptop. Start up Make sure the guy who is annoying you, can see the screen

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I Am In A Card Game: The “Search Spam Card Game”

SEOmoz announced a new game they are releasing at PubCon Vegas next week named “Search Spam.” Basically, they have adapted the card game Werewolf for the Search Marketing industry. I am privileged to be one of the characters, see the left card, that is me. There are 24 cards and you have to register for

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Funny Jewish Tallit Bag: שמאק

Orthodox Jewish men typically put on a Tallit every morning for morning services. So typically, the Tallit goes in a Tallit Bag. The above picture is a typical tallit bag. At the top, typically, you see one’s initials or Hebrew name. If you know Hebrew, this one may make you laugh. Why? Well, it reads

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Upside Down 9 or Backwards 6?

I play basketball a few times a week. One of the three times, I play in this small league. This year, I got a new shirt for the season. I have a new but yet unique number. Now, I think that looks like a backwards 6. The guy who imprinted the number actually did it

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Speed Stacking: This a Real Thing?

ESPN or ESPN2 supposedly showcased portions of the 2007 WSSA Championship, WSSA you say? Yes, World Speed Stacking Association. Watch this video to see what they do: That is a kid named David Wolf, an 11 year old German kid, playing the game. So this is real.

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I’m in Oddcast’s Flash Demo!

The folks at Oddcast slipped me, well, the cartoon version of me, into their Flash demo on their home page. Here is a screen cap, about 30 seconds in the video: This is way cool. Why? Because they created the technology for me to make Cartoon Barry speak in the Daily Search Coverage recaps, that