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Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Wanted to wish you all a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Say it with me! Arggghhh! I have more details about the day at Search Engine Roundtable! Here is the theme there:

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Rand Really Likes Me

This is Rand Fishkin hugging me at the SMX conference a few months back in Seattle. You see, Rand was so excited there was a conference in his town that he decided to start hugging people. In realty, Tamar took this picture, Rand wanted to be funny – so it turned out to be an

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Verizon FiOS Man Sets Fire To Customer’s Home

I have been very excited about FiOS for a while now. In fact, if I do move, I hope to get FiOS in the new house. The question is, am I that excited about getting FiOS that that I am willing to sacrifice my house being set on fire by a Verizon FiOS tech? NetworkWorld

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A New Meaning to Sleeping on the Sofa

Picture this. Your wife gets made at you and tells you to sleep on the sofa tonight… That is the standard joke… But check this out… Man Living in Car Since ’00 Upsets Town from SFGate.com reports that a man who got in a fight with his wife back in 1999, has been living out

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Mock iPhone Demo: “I Love You” Ending

Check out this mock demo on how copy and paste should work on an iPhone… The best is the ending, where he said, “I Love You.” Made me really laugh… iPhone Copy and Paste from lonelysandwich and Vimeo. Via Via Via Engadget..

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Speed Dating for iPhone Users: iDating

Too funny… iDating Goes Warp Speed with iPhone via iphonesavior.com. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, singles groups across the country find new hope for romance via iPhone speed dating.”iDating” parties have become so popular in some cities like San Francisco, California, adding multiple nights and still packing in standing room only crowds.

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I’m First for the Apple iPhone

You guys know I am having second thoughts on the iPhone… Appleinsider is reporting that there are two guys already on line at the Apple Manhattan store, since Monday – four days before the iPhones go on sale, to get themselves an iPhone first. Gizmodo has posted a video of an interview with the first