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I Reached My Facebook Friend Limit?

A friend in synagogue this Saturday told me that they cannot friend me on Facebook because I have too many friends. I thought they were joking, so they sent me this screen shot showing the error they got when they tried. It reads, “Unable to Send Friend Request.” This person has reached the friend request

Just Interesting

Got My Quarterly Haircut On Tax Day Today

Today is tax day, so it reminded me to get my quarterly haircut. I normally try to get a haircut when I pay my estimated taxes. This baby cost me $14. Here is the before and after:

Just Interesting

Google Maps Street View Photospheres Take Off Pounds

They say the camera adds ten pounds, well not photosphere cameras. You know, the cameras that do 360 degree views. The street view guys came over to add RustyBrick to Google Maps inside view and with that he took a photosphere of some of the folks in the office. The picture above is of me

Just Interesting

Check Out The Star Wars Theme At The Search Engine Roundtable

We posted a star wars theme on the Search Engine Roundtable, here is a picture of it, I hope you like it. Truth is, I am not a Star Wars fan – not cause I wouldn’t like it, just because I have no time for any fanship stuff. 🙂

Just Interesting

Another Deck Of Cards With My Face On Them

I think this may be the fourth deck of cards I have received over the years with my face on them. The first, I believe, was SEOMoz and I forget the others but here is a new one. From PushON, Online Marketing Superheros. You can see it shows fans, minions, power, cries for help and

Just Interesting

Touching Bathroom Door Knobs

I never thought about this before I got married but now I do. I go to the bathroom in my office a few times a day, sometimes a lot more if I drink a large Snapple or something. 🙂 Often I’ll see people do their thing, and then simply skip the sink and go right

Just Interesting

The Drug Store Is Not About Drugs

Yesterday, I was sent to the drug store to pick up a prescription (don’t worry, everyone is healthy) and I was a little upset by what I saw. I had to go twice, each time there were about four people ahead of me. I was able to witness some interesting things while I was there.