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17 Year Old Creates Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Basement

What were you doing between the ages of 15 and 17? Well, a kid in Rochester Hills, MI named Thiago Olson spent those years creating a Nuclear Fusion Reactor. The Detroit Free Press reports; In the basement of his parents’ Oakland Township home, tucked away in an area most aren’t privy to see, Thiago is

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Student & Blogger? The Blogger Scholarship

Aaron Wall spotted the announcement of a new scholarship for students who do blogging. It is called the Blogging Scholarship and they give $1,000 to four students over the year. Criteria? Your blog must contain unique and interesting information about you and/or things you are passionate about. No spam bloggers please!!! U.S. citizen; 3.0 GPA;

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Firefox Has OGIO Bags Also

Ronnie told me that he was looking at Firefox’s schwag the other day and he noticed that Firefox has bags for sale, the same ones we are going to be getting soon. Right now we are in the process of getting a sample so that we can order about a 100 of them. I do

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Fossil To Sell Caller ID Bluetooth Enabled Watches

Anyone with a wife or a girlfriend goes through this routine… Your wife/girlfriend’s cell phone rings. She rushes to open her bag and sifts through the papers, makeup, note pads, and war chest of items that she never uses to find her phone. She keeps going, confident she will find the phone that is ringing

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Has Google Offered Me a Job?

Did you happen to read Danny’s post about a new job opening from Google for a Webmaster Trends Analyst? Sounds like a perfect job for Barry Schwartz! Of course, if I lose yet another news editor to a search engine, oh vey! Hmmmm….

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Web 2.0 Hangman – TagMan

Richard Bell left a comment here the other day, asking me to take a look at his game named TagMan. TagMan is a pretty neat idea, it is hangman, but it pulls from a database of words from Technorati, Squidoo, del.icio.us or Flickr. It looks at the most popular tags from Technorati, Squidoo, del.icio.us or

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New Yorkers’ Morning Wake Up Rituals

The NY Post has an article by Mandy Stadtmiller with a survey of 850 New Yorkers asking them various questions on various question on their morning wake up rituals. I found them pretty interesting, especially the wake up times by region of New York and by profession. Those in Queens and Staten Island wake up