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Why Do People Staple Checks To Invoice Remittance Slip

I bet the people who inject a staple through a check and into the invoice remittance slip are not people who actually handle the accounts receivables for a company. The people who place a staple through a check are probably only on the accounts payables side. You can easily deposit a check that has other

Just Weird

Stealing Money From Charity Boxes

I’ve heard of people stealing money from charity boxes before, in fact, there are many stories of it on Google. But we just had two charity boxes completely emptied at our office here at RustyBrick. Last week, there was this random woman walking around our office. I confronted her and she said she was just

Just Weird

IRS Scam – I Got The Phone Call

Today I received a voicemail from a scammer saying I need to call them back regarding money owed or whatever to the IRS. The scams go back for a long time and here is a web page from the IRS on scams by phone call. I don’t get how people can fall for these (I

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Tracking Family Or Friends Flights… How About iPhone 5S Flight?

There are many people out there that use flight tracking services to see the status of flights for friends and family. But I honestly don’t know anyone who uses these services to track product shipments. I ‘googled’ the term UPS iPhone 5S delivery and up came this thread at showing 50+ pages of iPhone

Just Weird

Creepy Gas Fill It Up: $66.66 At A Loss

I filled up my car with gas, which is always an upsetting thing to do these days and the gas stopped by itself at this: You see that? $66.66 But look at the gallons and turn it upside down. It says LOSS! Too many crazy things going on there. Comment at Google+.

Just Weird

Post Office Needs a “Better Address” – Really?

My wife gave me a thank you card to mail the other day. She told me, although I didn’t listen to what she said, that she needs me to get the address. So I didn’t look, put a stamp on it and mailed it out without an address. Yea, it only had their name on

Just Weird

I Had A Nightmare: Replaced iPhone With Blackberry

A few nights ago, I woke up in a sweat — I had a nightmare. I don’t often dream or remember them, although I have about blogging and Google. This one was scary, unlike the two above. I dreamt that some how my iPhone was replaced by a Blackberry and there was nothing I could

Just Weird

Too Ingrained In Search — Ford SEL Edition

So many of you know I help run a extremely popular site named Search Engine Land. Last night, I was leaving my office and as I pulled out, I saw a Ford that had “SEL edition” on it: So when I saw this, I thought, what? A Search Engine Land bumper sticker and then I