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I can’t remember the last time I was this mad. You spend a ton of time, money and energy giving a non-profit an awesome, high end web site and it comes to bite you in the behind, not once, but twice! Like many non-profits, this one has a board. One individual on that board is

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Eat Espesso & Sip Espresso

Yesterday, a new type of coffee was announced. The coffee is not something you drink, instead you eat it with a spoon. It is named Espesso, not Espresso. See the difference? Espresso versus Espesso. Ferran Adri√† a renowned Spanish chef, who made the Time 100 Innovators list, has come up with Espesso, “a play on

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Handmade Wooden Memory USB Drives

Gabs pointed over to a weird type of memory drive made out of wood. A company in the Netherlands named Oooms, creates, by hand, wooden USB drives. How much are they? 256 MM Drive is 45 EURO, a 512 MB drive is 60 EURO and a 1GB drive is 70 EURO. More pictures and details

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Some Photo Booth Images of Me

Sitting here on a Saturday night, baby-sitting for nieces, with Yisha. So she is baby-sitting, I am playing on my computer. I took some photos of myself using iSight & Photo Booth. This one is kinda scary, me in XRay mode: Here is a flickr bade of me with other Photo Booth effects (including Mirror

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Birds Fly Into My Office Window

I remember when growing up in my parents home when I was younger. My parents built on an extension to their kitchen, which pushed back the kitchen several feet into the backyard. Soon after the extension was done, the same bird (at least I was told then that it was the same bird) kept on

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Dumb Typo Getting Way Too Much Exposure!

One of the stories I covered today was about how Google may be classified as an investment fund company because they have more than 40% of their assets in investments. While I was covering the story, I was on the phone with someone. We were talking about scheduling something on a Monday. But at the

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America’s Most Drunk Cities

The esteemed Gary Price documented a Forbes list of America’s Drunkest Cities. Milwaukee Minneapolis Columbus Boston Austin Chicago Cleveland Pittsburgh Philadelphia Providence St. Louis San Antonio Seattle Las Vegas Denver/Boulder Cincinnati Kansas City Houston Portland Francisco-Oakland The list continues, it is a pictorial list of each city and can be accessed here. New York is

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Private Messages Are Private – Jeez!

There are just some things you do not post in public. One of those things are private messages. If someone sends you privileged information in private, you must – without a shadow of a doubt – keep that information private, unless you have explicit permission from the source that you can share that information with

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Pleo is Coming!!! Pre-Orders Accepted on December 24th

What am I getting for the holidays? At least two Pleo’s. What is a Pelo? Yea, it is one of those green dinosaurs. Pleo is a ‘designer species’. He incorporates all the basic traits of autonomous life. He is specifically engineered and enhanced to mimic life and relate to his owner on a personal level.

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No Taking Pictures on George Washington Bridge

I was snapping some pictures of recent traffic I was in on the way into Manhattan tonight. While getting on to the George Washington Bridge (GWB), I was reminded that no pictures are allowed on the GWB. So, of course, before I got on, I decided to snap some pictures of the sign that disallows