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Back in Office, But Posted Swine Flu Warning Sign

Today I am back in the office. I probably won’t be here all day, but I need to prepare for my iPhone arriving tomorrow ;-). In any event, I am pretty much isolated in my little office here and I posted a sign to make sure the RBers stay away. Do you think this sign

Just Weird

Charities Walking Into My Office & Asking For Money

I don’t know how to write this in a nice way. Every now and then, a random person (sometimes two people together) walks into my office, looking for money for the charity they collect for. Typically it works like this… The person(s) walk in, look around, walk past the front area where 3 people sit.

Just Weird

Finding Marijuana ASCII Art in Code

Do I have to worry if I start finding RustyBrick code marked up with ASCII art of this? , dM MMr 4MMML . MMMMM. xf . "M6MMM .MM- Mh.. +MM5MMM .MMMM .MMM. .MMMMML. MMMMMh )MMMh. MM5MMM MMMMMMM 3MMMMx. 'MMM3MMf xnMMMMMM" '*MMMMM MMMMMM. nMMMMMMP" *MMMMMx "MMM5M .MMMMMMM= *MMMMMh "MMMMM" JMMMMMMP MMMMMM GMMMM. dMMMMMM . MMMMMM "MMMM

Just Weird

Nightmare: Had To Give Up iPhone for Blackberry

This morning, I woke up in a panic. I had a nightmare! The dream is a bit foggy to me now, but I’ll try to recap the main points. Somehow, I ended up in a cell phone store. Somehow, they convinced me to trade in my iPhone for a Blackberry. I honestly do not know

Just Weird

I’ve Been Served

Lawyers scare me. I admit it. Most things don’t scare me. But lawyers do. A couple weeks ago, I received a subpoena from a law firm, requesting information about an employee. The thing is, that individual is not an employee, he is an independent contractor. So I called the law firm requesting the information and

Just Weird

Old & Dead Bird Found on Window Overhang

I rarely look outside my office window. The office window it to my back, and since I am always blogging, I rarely turn around to look outside. But today, I noticed something, and I looked. It is an old, crusty, dead bird. Here is a picture: Must have been from a couple days ago, at

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Struck By Lightening – On Camera

This woman got struck by lightening while on camera. Watch it: Now, she explained: Because you insisted, here’s the unedited screaming version. I also added video from a minute before the lightning struck so you can get an idea of how hard it was raining. From what i understand, it went through my left hand