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First Time Experiencing A Nail In My Tire

I’ve been driving a car for over 20 years of my life and for the first time in my driving life I had a nail in my tire. I had my new car for a month and a couple weeks ago, the tire pressure sensor went off on one of the tires. So I filled

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Taking Screenshots Of The Apple CarPlay Screen

So I have been playing a lot with Apple CarPlay in my new car, trying to get a good feel for it for ideas on apps we’d like to design for it. For those who have it and want to take a screen shot of what they see on their CarPlay screen, in their car,

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Lessee’s Odometer Disclosure At 35,994

Today I returned my three-year lease with Lexus and signed the lessee’s odometer disclosure. Yea, it reads 35,994 miles upon returning the car. The guy who wrote it said I should take the car around the block a couple times to hit 36,000. If only…

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Why Is Apple CarPlay So Important To Me For My Next Car?

Most of you know I am a huge Apple fan boy but there are a few reasons why Apple CarPlay is so important to me. So much so, that I based my purchase decision on my next car based on that criteria. After leasing a Lexus for 5 leases in a row, I am leaving

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My United Premier Platinum Status Saved Me $1,000 On My New Car

As you know, I am running low on my miles on my current lease (well, I am in the red now) and my current lease is expiring soon. I’ve been looking for a car, sedan, all wheel drive with Apple CarPlay and the list isn’t big. I decided to go with the Mercedes CLA mostly

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Running Low On Miles…

In mid-February, my lease for my car is up and I get a new car. The only issue, my lease allows me for 36,000 miles over three years. I am now over 35,000 miles and I have over 1.5 months of driving to go. Above is a picture of the odometer from my car this

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Awkward Feeling Of Waiting For Your Car At The Car Wash

I get a car wash typically once a year, unless something bad happens, right before Passover. For $10 they clean the outside and more importantly the inside. I am a very clean person, so it isn’t bad, but there are crumbs and stuff not allowed for Passover in my car, thus the $10 goes to

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What Are The Chances Of $66.66 Again?

Tell me, what are the chances of this happening two times in a row? I filled up in between but that time was in New Jersey and by their law, someone has to fill up for you. So twice in a row, when I personally filled up my car, I got $66.66 when it clicked

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Waiting For School Buses & Lazy Kids

People who know me, know that I am always in a rush to get to work. That is why I hate it when I am stuck behind a school bus and have to wait. Of course, passing a bus is a no-no and can be very dangerous. I would never do that. But what really