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Caught Speeding By A Robot

I received a nice letter in the mail from the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department telling me I was speeding. They even provided proof in the form of photographs. Truth is, I was not driving that car the day they said the violation happened. I was home, in New York – not in Washington,

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Biggest Car Fire I’ve Seen To Date

Just a quick post, to follow up on the flipped car, head on collision, smaller car fire I’ve seen. Today, on the way to a meeting, I saw this HUGE car fire on 287 between exit 14B and 14A. I was able to see the the dark fog of smoke for miles and miles.

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Auto Accident: Car Flipped Over

On the way to the airport last week, Monday – to go to PubCon in Las Vegas, we hit a bit of traffic. As we approached we saw what happened. There were about three cars involved, all really badly damaged. In fact, they looked they were all charred from a huge fire. Here is a

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Online License Plate

It is not every day where you see a neat geeky license plate – well, maybe I see one or two every day. But most people do not. Yesterday, I was driving home from work and spotted a New Jersey license plate that read “ONLINE.” The person seemed lost, which was ironic, but it was

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Google Saved My Rusty-Car From Being Towed

Yesterday, I was at a meeting and I received a call and a bunch of text messages from my office telling me my car would be towed if I don’t move it now. What happened was, I arrived at the office building, the parking lot was like a zoo. I found a spot, but apparently

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I was behind this car, if you call it that, this morning. Just look at the exhaust. It looked like a huge power plant of some sorts… Note: The car was sitting at a red light. It was not revving the engine or anything: