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New License Plate: RustyCar

When I got my new car I was a bit upset that they simply transferred my old plates. I wanted to get the new NY license plates, even though they look way uglier than the original ones – I personally like the colors. Yea, I know. I decided that I really wanted those ugly plates,

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Lexus Enform eDestination System Screens

Since getting my new car a few weeks ago I have been having a real fun time playing with the technology. I like cars, but I like cars not for their transmissions but rather their gadgets and little toys. The Lexus I have has many little gadgets, some are permanent, some are given for 90

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My Cars Keep Getting Bigger: Next Up, Lexus GS 350 AWD

Today, I picked up my new car – the car I bought on Twitter. Historically, my cars have been getting bigger and bigger. I have leased three Lexus automobiles in the past 9 years or so and each of those gradually got bigger and bigger. And I am a guy that likes small cars. My

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My Car Is Clean, Very Clean

Some of you know that on Friday, I bought a car via Twitter. I’ll share more about the car when I get it sometime today. But yesterday, I spent a couple minutes packing up the stuff in my IS 250, which I got 30 months ago, into a single bag. It amazed me that I

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Cop Outside Car on Highway Using Speed Gun

I was driving back from a client this afternoon and on Interstate 287, right about over here, a copy was in his car, with his door open, looking like he was going to shot a moving car. As we got closer, it looked like a laser speed gun. I’ve never seen a cop on the

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I Like The New New York License Plates

The NY DMV announced that they are replacing the old white and blue license plates with these new “Empire Gold” and blue license plates. Personally, I think they are nice. I assume when you put them on cars, they will likely not look so great – for most cars. But I still like them. Most

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Parking On Top of Not One But Two Cars

I am not sure why these types of things make me laugh, but they do and I am sorry. Remember when I was amazed at the car that parked on top of another car? Well, how about a single SUV parking on top of two cars and then driving away. Check out this video: Via

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Meet My Bull, It’s 13 Years Old

Since my first car, I have this red stuffed animal bull keychain hanging from my rear view mirror. I think technically, it is illegal to have these things hanging, but everyone does it. In any event, here is a picture of it: The bull is about 13 years old. My brother-in-law gave it to me