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Car Parking On Top of Another Car

I spotted an article from up in Utica, New York (near Syracuse) that showed a car parked on top of another car. In reality, the car drove through bushes. Past those bushes was a parking lot. But the parking lot seemed to be about 10 to 15 feet below the foor of bushes. Here is

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17,000 Miles Clocked – Who Cares? Perception Does

I was driving just a a few minutes ago and noticed I was at 16,999 miles on the odometer. So I was thinking, when I hit 17,000, maybe I should blog it – since I can blog about virtually anything. But then I thought, who cares? I don’t care that I hit 17,000 miles. As

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My Day in Court: Too Local & Money Grab

A month ago, I got a speeding ticket, in fact, I tweeted a picture of the cop who gave me a speeding ticket (which was my claim to fame). Last night, was my day in court – well, kind of. As I said in my previous post, the officer told me to plead not guilty,

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Scheduled a Car Maintenance Appointment Online

I hate talking to people and using the phone, so I am glad I was able to schedule my car maintenance check completely online, without having to talk to a single person. I went to my local Lexus place’s web site and clicked on the “schedule” appointment feature. I set up my appointment online in

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Offensive Parking: Really Offensive

After work last night, I come out of my office, walk to my car and notice that it would be impossible for me to get in via the driver side doors. I really got mad, really mad. What a lack of consideration and respect for others. I was actually thinking of jamming my door into

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Best (Worst) Bird Poop on Cars

Over Passover, I parked my park at the Synagogue and it sat there, under a tree for three days. The result? The back half of my car is covered in bird poop. Time for a car wash… I was too lazy to take a picture, so I went to Flickr and searched for cars with

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How Cars Get Towed In Israel

In America, for a car to get towed, they need to bring a tow truck, then spend 20 minutes hooking up the car and then tow the car away. It is a big process and you rarely see it. In Israel, it is common and done incredibly efficiently. In short, they have this special truck