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Driving With Top Down in Late October

Yesterday afternoon, I was driving two of my nephews to my house and they begged me to put the top down. So I said OK. It was 70+ degrees yesterday. It is the end of October. I am driving with my top down in October in New York. Global warming? Today it is suppose to

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GPS Users: How Do You Label Your Home?

I am a huge GPS fan, I live and die by it. I was curious how you label your home in your GPS? People say never to put your home as home in the GPS, because then whomever steals your car can easily pay you a visit. I then took two seconds to think about

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Got My Five Star Parking Refund

Remember my ordeal with Five Star Parking? Well, today I finally got my refund. I think I had to remind them to send it to me. Because it wasn’t mailed our until I sent a follow up email saying I never received it. Well, now I got it. So this mess now costs me a

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I Can Lock my Lexus SC430

A stranger asked what was the end result with my broken door lock on my Lexus. Well, as you know, I went in yesterday and was pleasantly surprised (makes you wonder if they read my blog, highly doubt it). I got there at 3:30, worked until about 5:15 and then they told me it was

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Lexus Service Really Surprised Me

I walk into the Lexus service shop and this guy spots me and calls me in. He starts to take down my information and gets a phone call from his boss (as he is talking to me). He said, “excuse me, this is my boss.” I nodded that he should take the call. He talks,

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Lexus, Please Stop Wasting My Time!

I can’t tell you how many times in the past three-years or so, Lexus Service has wasted my time. I feel that I am very considerate of people’s time. I expect others to be the same, especially if I am paying them. This morning, I called Lexus Service. I explained the situation to them about

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Driving on Empty

I have been driving on empty for the past two days. It is a good thing I work less than 4 miles away from my office. The light has been on for a while. I had to go out before and finally broke down and bought some gas. The fill up cost… Guess… One guess….