Did Someone Ever Test To See If Tissues Make You Sneeze More?

Has any watchdog group or government agency ever tested to see if using tissues from specific brands, be it Kleenex, actually make you sneeze more? It would make sense that tissue manufacturers would want you to use more tissues and it would be easy for them to make you sneeze more after you use one.


Is It Immoral To Mark Charity Emails As Spam?

We have made a nice number of web sites and web software for charity and non profit organizations. Many of them have email solutions through us to raise awareness and money for the causes they serve. Often when they send out emails to their lists of potential donors, several dozen will come back marking them


Wikipedia Keeps My Page

The other day I noticed I was up for my second nomination for deleting for my Wikipedia page. I questioned, am I a notable source for information in my industry… I learned today that the Wikipedia administrators decided to “keep” the page, because, and I quote: The result was keep. There are obvious WP:COI issues


Am I Notable? Some Sources

Figured it would be a good time to updated my places I’ve been quoted since I am up for yet a second deletion on my Wikipedia bio. I feel like if I was in any other industry, as a journalist writing as the News Editor at the top search news site, Search Engine Land, and


Are You A Hardware Geek Or Software Geek

Prior to my “off the cuff” YouTube Live Google + hangout interview with Michael Mozart – they were asking me about who’d I like to be in a Google + Hangout with. They first suggested celebs like Madonna or Britney Spears. I wasn’t interested. They asked, who would I like to do a Google Hangout


I’m On Ping: Follow Me

I’m now on Ping, you can find me by searching for me in iTunes 10+ under the Ping section or by clicking on over here. That will open up iTunes and should take you to my profile. Follow me there now! Now! I need Ping followers bad, really bad! Why haven’t you followed me yet?


Paying To Store Trash: The Trash Can Purchase

Ever since moving into my home I never wanted to pay for a trash can. The concept of paying for something to store something that you are throwing away, just well – doesn’t necessarily make full sense to me. I know it has to go somewhere but to pay for a container to keep it