Mail Men Should Make Commissions On Check Deliveries

I was thinking random thoughts on the way to pick up the mail from the mailbox yesterday. Affiliates make money for delivering money to their merchants. Why shouldn’t the mail man make money for delivering money to his/her customers? What if all the mail man took 1% of all the checks they delivered? They would


Quote Request Rant

Kind of a continuation of my hate of RFPs and paper… Here is my rant for quote requests I get on occasion: – A prospect basically tell me they are in the X industry and I need a web site. – They then politely ask to send them a quote that include all my ideas


Why The Poland Spring Guy Delivers Deer Park Water

Every few weeks, we get a about 30 gallons of water delivered to the office. The delivery is for 30 or so gallons of Deer Park Water. But every few weeks a guy in a green Poland Spring shirt comes to deliver the Deer Park water. Are you confused? Well, he also comes in his


Eavesdropping On Typing Sounds

I wish there was a way to eavesdrop on typing. I am on the phone with an AT&T support representative and they are typing “notes” in my account. I can hear the typing loud and clear, but really have no idea what they are trying. I wish there was a way I can decipher the


Writers Block Due To Having Something To Write About

The thing is, I have something juicy to tell you all about but I can’t. Due to me having something I really really want to blog about – I simply cannot write about other things that are of lesser value. It feels like writer block, but without the block. You all know I can write


Pressing The Pressed Button: Responses Via Twitter

I was getting the mail just a couple minutes ago and decided to take the elevator back up. So I pressed the elevator up button and was waiting for the elevator to arrive. Someone came up from behind me and pressed the button I just pressed. The button was already illuminated as pressed, so why


Was I A Geek In High School?

Looking back at my high-school days, I wonder – was I a geek? Today, geeks are somewhat cool, I think. But back then, it was not cool to be a geek. Most of my time in High School was spent playing basketball in the school’s gym. Really, I was a big gym rat in school.


Should Apple & Facebook Fan Boys Protest?

Apple is going after Gizmodo (see here) for blogging about the new iPhone. It gets complicated but basically, it just looks bad. Some are calling for a boycott of Apple products. Facebook released new privacy features that really leaves most Facebook users open in terms of their privacy really not being protected. Many are deactivating


I’m a Worrier

Not many people who follow me here and around the web know this about me, but I am a worrier. I blame my mother, who worries about everything and anything. I am not as bad as she is, but I do worry. Looking back at what you worry about is always somewhat comical. Oh, in