Please Hold: Verizon FiOS Technical Support

My Verizon FiOS Router died last week, Verizon shipped me a new one overnight and I installed it last night. There was an issue where the router was not connecting to the Internet. I tried to kick it myself but I needed tech support. I called Verizon last night on my main home phone. I


3rd Party Vandalized Goods Should Upset Me More

This morning, I got to my office and went through the back entrance. I noticed that one of the two large glass doors was smashed in. It appears like someone tried to break it. Here is a picture of it a bit later, after a maintenance guy tapped it up. When I initially saw it,


Why Adam Fogle Shouldn’t Blog

This guy named Adam Fogle wrote a blog post named Why the iPhone should die in his new blog. The post explains how my iPhone New Years horn is one of the many reasons the iPhone should die. Okay, so he doesn’t like the new years horn. Personally, I think it is a nice free


Time to Say No to Holiday e-Cards?

Email, email, email… We just get too many of them. I am struggling with the decision on if I should send out a “Happy Holidays” email to my email list. I mean, on the one hand, it is a nice gesture but on the other hand, I cannot stand getting all these Happy Holidays emails.


Go Vote Tomorrow, Only If You Are Voting For…

I just posted the Search Engine Roundtable’s 2008 Election Day theme, as a reminder to get people out and to vote tomorrow. So, if you are voting for who I want to win, then go vote. Otherwise, stay at home. 😉 Just kidding, go vote no matter who you are voting for.


LinkedIn Removed My Profile Photo!

I received an email from Kana at LinkedIn, saying my photo is in violation of LinkedIn’s profile photo guidelines. Thus they have removed my photo and asked me to upload a new one. See, here is a screen capture of my photo being removed: This is a copy of their email they sent me: The

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Political Email Forwards on the Rise

I cannot stand receiving email forwards, you know, those joke emails that people send to each other. Chain emails with jokes or things you must do for good luck. I can’t stand them! In fact, I am the type of guy that has the nerve to email anyone back who sends it to me with