Before & After Haircut

Some weirdo left a comment saying I need a haircut or something like that. Well, you are wrong! As you can see by this picture taken at the SMX conference by Mr. McGee, I no longer need any haircut. To look at me a week before, go here to see the hairy monster.


Should I Fear Fearing Someone With a Fear?

I am getting a bit worried about fearing people with serious fears. You see, I have a post named Scoleciphobia : Fear Of Worms, I did some research on what the legit name of such a fear was. I then wrote a post about it, because I found it interesting. Thing is, people searching on


I Dream About Blogging

OK, so now I am scared. First I dream about Matt Cutts and last night I had a dream about blogging. Let me describe the dream. Some how I am in some type of dark airport. I am going through security to get my bags – I know, why do I go through security to


Integrity & Intelligence as a Blogger

Over the weekend, the Rabbi at the synagogue I attend gave a speech Friday night about integrity and intelligence. In the orthodox-Jewish world there is a principle that if someone who has very little or zero integrity says something intelligent, and you want to repeat it – you should not use the person’s name. So


I Need To Redo My Personal Blog Categories

You know you have poorly designed your blog categories when the author of the blog entries can not easily find content they have written in the past, using the categories the blog author set up. That is me. With the Search Engine Roundtable, I normally find things through my categories fairly quickly. At this blog,


It’s Cold!

I walk outside this morning about 6am and I get in my car, turn it on and bam – it read 6 degrees Fahrenheit. As I drove to work, a bit later, it dropped down to 5 degrees. Brrrr. Right now at 10 AM (EST) it is 10 degrees: But honestly, I cannot complain, it

RamblingSEO Tips

My Feelings On SEJ’s Best Search Blogger Award

As I wrote at Search Engine Roundtable, I am completely delighted we won the Best Search Engine Marketing Blog Award from Search Engine Journal. I am also honored that Search Engine Watch (the site I wrote at all year) and Search Engine Roundtable have come in first and second place for Best Search Engine News


My Diploma – Barcuh CUNY – Summa Cum Laude

While I was covering the fact that Google is hiring lower GPAs, it reminded me that I graduated from Baruch College, City University of New York, with a pretty high GPA. I know it was above 3.8, but I forgot the exact number – and I forgot where I would have put those papers. In


Election Day – No More Campaign Commercials!

No way am I going to get political here…sorry. But one thing I hate about the time before election day, are the commercials. Not only are they boring, they all seem so childish and offensive. One radio commercial I heard over and over again was a conversation between a candidate and his mother. You can