Loud Typer; Please Press Softer

I am sitting here in the press room at SES San Jose and posting my recap of the Social Search Overview session but something keeps distracting me. I try to ignore it and move on to a really quick post on Yahoo Launches Search Builder but the typing is still irritating me. (1) It is


I Run A Bad Search Marketing Forum

Some of you know that the Search Engine Roundtable has a discussion forum but many of you do not. The forum is nice, it is just a couple dozen active users who are very close. It is public but requires registration to post, like most forums. Only thing is that when a new member goes

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Andy Beal Leaves Fortune Interactive – Getting Dizzy Here

Let’s play the where is Waldo Game… Andy Beal has posted that he is departing Fortune Interactive. Ok some history for you. Andy first founded KeywordRankings, then KeywordRankings was bought by WebSourced, WebSourced changed its name to MarketSmart Interactive. Andy left WebSourced, many bad rumors buzzed through the SEM community. Then Andy started Fortune Interactive.


Seriously; Who Would You Rather Look at? Me Or Matt Cutts?

Honestly, who would you rather look at? Me, or Matt Cutts? Thought so… You can find Matt Cutt’s SEO Videos at Google Video. Yea, some person put up that Hostage Video, I don’t know who. Oh, you notice how I am looking down at Matt. A ploy to get you to vote for me. Wow,


Flickr Founder Says Sharing Private Photos to Get Easier

The other day I complained that Flickr is Just Too Hard to Sign Up With. Well, since then, Tim Mayer of Yahoo! pointed the co-founder of Flickr, Stewart Butterfield towards this entry. Stewart commented stating that they are aware of the issues and will be working on an “email a friend” feature to make it


Replying Vs. Reply All: The Dos & Don’ts

Email is extremely powerful, it is the most used product in the online world, but many people simply don’t know how to use it. This post will be my rant on how people don’t properly use the reply versus the reply all button. When to Use the Reply All: When you get an email that


Wasted Efforts = Wasted Money

I have this old time client, I believe most of those in the company believe the Web is an important part to their business. But there are some decision makers that feel that the Web does not deserve any investment on the company’s part. They do not want to spend any money to upgrade their


Stop Updating Your Posts Please!

You know what really annoys me? People who update their posts without describing what they update. Now, of course, doing this once in a while is not a big deal. But to do this constantly, argghhhh. I am a huge RSS reader. I read something once, I don’t want to see it again. But when


Why I Started The Cartoon Barry Blog?

I want a place to speak my mind, talk about things search and not-search related. Heck, if I want to blast Google for doing something but give them real attitude, I can do it here. Heck, if I disagree with Danny at Search Engine Watch, I can do that here also. If I had a