My New Kippah Also Turns Heads

I’ve been looking for a new Kippah, my classic brown velvet one ripped and I needed something new. So I bought a red suede one and now people can’t stop starring at me in the office. I know it says Make Judaism Great Again but what is wrong with that? RustyBrick makes plenty of Jewish


An Official Chazzan Jacket (For Leading Services)

In the Orthodox Jewish world, in many many synagogues, the person who leads services (aka the Chazzan) has to wear a jacket or tallis when leading. In the synagogue I grew up with, you had to wear a jacket to lead. In the synagogue I go to now, they require a tallis. The shul I


Days Off In September

This September is a busy Jewish holiday month, which means I am offline for a lot of it. Of the 30 days in the month, 16 of them are not work days. Technically, I am completely offline 10 days of the 30 days. Technically, I’ll be working every Sunday and on that Labor Day Monday.


Rabbi Approves Picking Up Google Glass On Friday

Over 3 months ago, I got my notice from Google that I will be eligible to get Google Glass. The wait has been pretty long but that day is finally coming this Friday. I am going to pick up Google Glass on Friday. I first had to find out if I can pick it up


My Dad Finished Shas Again: Siyum HaShas 2012

My dad for the second time in 15 years finished the Talmud (Shas) under the Daf Yomi schedule. To celebrate, like he did 7.5 years ago, he took a bunch of us to the massive Siyum HaShas at MetLife Stadium last night (although 7.5 years ago it was in Nets Stadium and indoors, this time


Can Jews Checkin To Non Kosher Restaurants On Foursquare?

Orthodox Jews do not eat non-kosher food. Many also would not walk into a non-kosher restaurant because they don’t want a kosher Jew to see them going into the non-kosher restaurant and think that it must be kosher since that Jew went in there. So even to use the bathroom, many orthodox Jews wouldn’t even


My Chanukah Presents For 2011

The last day of Chanukah was yesterday – and I got all my gifts in and ready. I got a ton of cards and gift baskets from clients, vendors, SEO folks and so on. I wanted to blog about the gifts I received that were not e-cards, physical cards and gift baskets. Promedia Corp send