Gary & Lisa Price’s Wedding – Mazol Tov!!!

As I told you, I was honored to be invited to Gary & Lisa Price’s Wedding that took place yesterday. My wife and I tripped up to Chicago for the weekend. We spent the “shabbos” with Yisha’s friends in Chicago and then went up to the wedding Sunday morning. I spotted Gary about 11am as


At Parents For Last Days of Passover

Monday and Tuesday, my wife and I will be at my parents for the last days of Passover. For you SEO people, I will be off the blog until Wednesday. The other authors will be writing, plus we will have live SES NYC coverage Tuesday. I will be joining the rest of you at SES


Passover Is Coming – פֶּסַח

Passover, aka Pesach, aka פֶּסַח, is just around the corner. There is a lot of prep required for the holiday. Think of it as spring cleaning for the Jews. We have to make sure there is no bread food anywhere in our possession. That means, no crumbs either. Not in our kitchen, not in our


Purim (פורים) Review 2007

Yesterday was the holiday of Purim (פורים). Purim is a happy holiday for the Jewish people, because if you read the the story of Esther you will see things turned out A-OK for us. Saturday night is when we read the Megillah. Which is nice, since normally, you stay in synagogue after evening services to


Fast of Esther – תענית אסתר – Hungry Day

Today is תענית אסתר, pronounced Ta’anit Ester. Ta’anit means fast – so it is the fast of Esther today. It comes from Megillah (Book) of Esther. Esther and the Jewish people fasted while Ahasuerus (אֲחַשְׁוֵרוֹשׁ), the king of Persia, was in charge and Haman was pretty influential. It is a very long story – you


The L.E.D. Kippah (Yarmukah) כִּפָּה

Have to thank Judah over at Diamond Vues for spotting this puppy. LEDKippah.com is selling Kippah’s, the thing some Jews wear on their heads, with scrolling LEDs on them. A Kippah (כִּפָּה), also known as a yarmulka (יאַרמלקע) is a head covering for a Jewish male. You see it on my cartoon picture above. They


Hulk Hogan Learns Kosher The Hard Way

Being a kosher person, I found this video very interesting. It is a 9 minute video from Hogan Knows Best, Hulk Hogan’s reality show… They move to a Jewish neighborhood in Miami, Florida and want to have the neighbors over…


My Chanukah Presents

As I promised, I told you I would share the gifts I got for this Chanukah. So here are some of them… My wife got me the Linksys Wireless-G Travel Router with SpeedBooster that I hinted she should get me the other day. I set it up already, without using the CD they gave me


Chanukah (חנכה) Is Tomorrow Night

Chanukah (חנכה) is tomorrow night, it is probably the most favorite Jewish holiday for kids. This is the holiday kids are dripping with gifts from their parents and relatives. Of course, the Wikipedia has a fairly nice write up on Chanukah. That is me, dressed up as a “Dreidel,” which is a toy kids play